Training when cutting

Typically, when I begin a cutting phase I’ll train each bodypart once a week (4-6 reps/5-9 sets) by the following schedule:

Monday - Arms
Tuesday - Back/Abs
Wednesday - Chest
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Calves/Forearm/Abs
Cardio 20 Min HI (6 x week)


Protein 1.5x lbm (180 lbs @ 8%)
Carbs 100 grams
Fat 25-35 grams

My question is this. Would it be better if I grouped a few bodyparts together and lowered the number of days I train? Or is it a wash? Your insight is appreciated.

how has this program worked for you in the past?

Ditto to Bronx, and a question- Why are you prioritizing arms on monday?