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Training What You Love v. What'll Make You Better

You all know it’s true. We all do it. Be it too much weights, too much striking, or too much grappling. What’s your guilty pleasure? What are YOU doing to balance out YOUR game?

For me, I love Muay Thai. Shit seriously gets me high. When I land a knee, put someone in a plum, or whip a beautiful leg kick. It’s my drug. Fortunately enough for me the gym I train at is a jits gym. GB and those guys bleed for that tag. Which means twice a week (what my schedule allows) I’m in the gym for two hours getting f’d up by blue belts, white with color, guys twice my size, and a girl who probably weights a little less than me. These guys aren’t kidding, and while I don’t love it, I do it. I do it because it makes me better, and challenges me.

How about YOU?

I could pretty much copy your post word for word, right down to training at a GB academy lol

For me it is the opposite to you, I love grappling.
Every moment spent rolling teaching new stuff to white belts and getting my ass handed to me on a platter by purple belts, I love it! =D

Thaiboxing on the other hand I seriously hate, I do it because a fight starts standing and maybe the other guy has a good takedown defense and I need to stand with him.

Here is a big difference between training MMA or MA
and something like a more organized sport like wrestling.

I dont think I ever had a choice to only train what I wanted - until I was doing things like playing BJJ or Judo just for fun not to be an elitist , just an observation about training with more rigid supervision.

no one wants to train what they suck at- but really you have to get good at shit you hate, just to get
done with it faster.

Agreed KMC nobody does want to train what they suck at, and I see that all the time with the dedicated jits guys. Fortunately enough for me I have to train what I don’t love.

I guess my guilty pleasure is spending too much on the weight room, i love fighting, all aspects, specially stand-up, but i can’t get to cut down my lifting hours on the week, i just love to deadlift too much, to make my lifting only 2 times a week.(at least when the fight is not near)

Same. I have the same amount of love for weight training as BJJ. I try to make them complement each other, but a lot of times I’ll slip up and have them conflict. It’s like what Dave Tate described in that last article, I’ll catch myself doing heavy singles for no reason at the end of a workout or rolling with a couple more guys when I’m totally wasted.

Things that make me better: working off my back, and my guard. The former is getting better, the latter not so much. Still I love the top-game and find myself looking for sweeps and reversals from guard or the knees just to get on top. So yeah, I like being on top, lol.

I like working from my guard as well, and usually force myself to work on escapes from bad positions.

grappling…I have to put striking on the back burner to get better at grappling. When I do both at the same time, my striking (which I love) gets better but my grappling stays the same.

I love training my strikes, especially my hands, and I do it more than my ground. I don’t see it as a problem though, as I am still becoming a more technical striker and may compete in a standup discipline before my ground game is good enough for amateur MMA.

I’m not concerned by this. I already know that with MMA gloves I could KO many of the amateurs near me in a single combo (those without solid MT or boxing backgrounds, anyway). Especially without the benefit of a standing 8, most of them wouldn’t remember the fight.

Not that I’m a standup champion, but I’ve seen the level of ability in my area and most of the fighters at the gyms around here couldn’t stop my uppercut if I phoned ahead to tell them it was coming.

The problem is that I still need to train my takedown defense and my ground defense the the point where I’m not an easy win to your average Gracie blue belt. The Marines taught me quite a bit, but I need more practice with skilled opponents before I’m confident. It’ll get there eventually. Meanwhile, I get more dangerous on my feet every week.

It is certainly a balancing act. Being that I only box, there’s no part of it I don’t like, but I do enjoy lifting weights just as much… gotta be sure to get time in on both of them.

i only box too, but after a training session im usually in the weight room instead of out running, might have to switch that around soon.

As a wrestler who trains MMA my grappling is pretty solid with some decently honed kickboxing from years of TKD that transitioned into Goshindo (Ju-jitsu, Karate, American Kicboxing, Judo Fighting System) But, i onl have maybe i move from my back when my opponent is in the guard. I pretty much wait to be stood up.

But, my biggest thing is too much weight training. When i don’t have lot of partners to train with all i have for my workouts are Metabolic Circuits and Strength Training. Even though i throw in alot of heavy bag and dummy work, most of my training is with weights. It makes me strong and jacked but i get really heavy weight wise and my head motion from boxing goes down the drain. If i had to do more of one thing it would be live sparring for transitional work. I wreslte in DII NCAA so i am good at just grappling but putting it all together is tough.

USMC Jim. What the hell!? Where do you fight that people suck that badly? Come to my school, I’ll teach you how to get taken down and sub’d. Challenge?

As a judo beginner, I find that I get quite frustrated when practicing certain left handed techniques.
When practing a technique we are generally encouraged to do it both left and right, but usually it’s 2/3 on your favoured side, at least for us beginners.
I realise that if I were to work on my weak side a little more that I could capitalize on certain situations better.

I love weight training. More so than I love muay thai. But that may change, since I only started 2 months ago. Once I’m able to go a few rounds and not get the shit kicked out of me I’ll probably like fighting more.

Beershoes, what weight and rules? I’m in NC, but I find myself all over so you never know.

Hahaha I’m just teasing ya jim! But in KS, am’s no elbows (I think no leg locks) but if you’re ever in the area PM me, and you can come train at our gym. And honestly if you feel your ground game needs work it’s what we specialize at. If not then you can just teach me some stand-up. I’m not pro, and no fights under my belt, so I listen when people teach.

I’m not a great teacher, never had an instructor stripe at MCMAP and never coached or cornered for anyone. I have switched up my style as a training partner to accommodate guys that were training for a specific fighter, but that was all under the direction of a very good coach (who is now on the west coast, San Diego IIRC).

There is actually a pretty good BJJ school here, and supposedly there’s a good MT coach in town with no gym. I’ve never met any of these supposed MT students to verify that this coach exists, let alone that he can teach. The standup of these BJJ guys that think they’re MMA fighters is at the level of Stripmall McNinja, but word is they’ve sent a couple of guys to Abu Dhabi so their ground game must be better than mine. I wouldn’t train standup with them (unless I needed a heavy bag with shoes), but if I can ever get my schedule straight I can learn a lot on the ground.

Like I said, in the meantime I intend to become one of the most dangerous standup fighters in town. We’ll see how that goes. I’m looking around to see if there’s a grimy, hole in the wall boxing gym around here because that’s probably where I’ll find a sparring partner who can take me.

Sounds solid, I understand the McNinja’s see em in plenty around here! Working with em can at least let you challenge yourself to use some more advanced techniques, south paw stance, range, timing, ect. Good luck finding a gym and keep up the work man!