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Training Weaknesses


I've read that it's recommended to train a weak/lagging body part more times a week/at the start of your workout. I.e Dave Tate mentioned that he ws pretty quad dominant and he would do a few sets of GHRs prior to his work sets of squats. Also that he had a weak torso and he would train his torso 5-6 times a week.(Read this from the free e book,the vault)I have some questions concerning this.

1)Wouldn't your main workout be compromised by doing this kinda work before your main lifts? I would definitely be more tired after doing some ghrs and wwould be less confident for my main lift. Anyone tried this before? What are your experiences/results (:

2)How would you fit training your weak body part multiple times per week, whether its a 'big' part like back,quads etc or a small part like calves,shoulders? Would you do an extra 'full' workout like an example for back, do a few sets of rows,pull ups etc. Or just fit in a few sets of work every other day? Again, anyone tried or has experience doing this and what are your results. (:

Can't think of anything else now. Thanks for reading and any advice is appreciated. (:


This is very individual and one cannot give an exact answer to the question. Clearly a muscle like calves or biceps can be worked almost every day without worry about recovery. Something like legs will take a good part of a workout day and require much more recovery time. If you could give an example of what weakness you think you need to train, you might get some more helpful responses.


Ok I have very weak calves,shoulders and chhest


1) Temporarily, yes, but I wouldn't really call it "compromising" your main movement. It's just moving it later in the lineup, which will reduce the load, of course. When you go back to putting the main lift first after a few weeks of strengthening your weak link, you'll blow past your old PR's.

2) If you're trying to bring up a weak muscle group, do two complete workouts for it every week. If you're trying to bring up a weak link in a main lift (like, say, hams for DL's), give it a few sets at the beginning of a workout twice a week.

I can tell you for certain that it works. The trick is identifying the right weak link. It'll drive you crazy thinking the programming doesn't work, when you've been hammering the hell out of your lower back and it was really your hams holding you down.