Training Weaknesses Before, or After Day/s Off

Currently my primary goal is to increase leg hypertrophy (specifically Quads), my im pretty happy with my upperbody which seems to grow in both size and strength a little easier then my legs. I dont have a dedicated arm day since my arms seem to get enough stimulation from the pressed and pulls on the upper-body days at this point.

Right now my split would be:

Monday: Chest+Back
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Chest+Back
Friday: Legs
Sat+Sun: Off

the reason behind this is that im thinking it would be good to have the off days after the legs so that it is easier to recover/re-build after the stressful leg workout.

Im wondering if it might be better to switch the days though and hit the legs on the day after the off days so that im totally fresh before training them as i might not be able to go as hard due to being a bit more worn down the day after the chest and back day.

Any opinions would be great. thanks

You might want to do daily bodyweight lunges. PLP worked for me and many.

The upper body days shouldn’t impact the leg day significantly, assuming you don’t hammer the lower back.

You could train legs on Monday though. More rested after the weekend (2 days off).

Exercise selection and perhaps sequencing seems more important for BBing though.

I need to add mass to my legs as well, so take this advice with a grain of salt. You could consider doing something like the following:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Shoulders, Chest
Wednesday: Back, Arms
Thursday: Off
Friday: Legs
Sat/Sun: Off

You could split your leg days into light/heavy or quad/ham focus. Or just repeat the same w/o twice. With this you’re getting two legs days a week with only one for upper body. (Plus I added shoulders & arms since you didn’t have them listed…but I did see your comment about your arms).

What does your leg workout look like? Be as specific as possible…volume, weights used, rest times and don’t bs.