Training w/ Tires,Sandbags, Etc??

I have recently become very intreseted in Coach Zach Even-esh and i am looking forward to sign up for a membership on that site but i have a few questions regarding its perfromance and ability to obtain the equipment.

Little background, im currently 17 and been going to the gym around a yr, in the latter part of this year i have changed my training methodogy after reading numerous articles of T-Nation. I know train at the gym or at least try to train at the gym 3 days a week with a full body split and literally in 2 weeks lifting that way and doing the big compounds i became alot stornger then i was previously in the beggining of the yr. Its funny what two-three weeks can do of heavy compound lifting.

However, next year i am unsure if ill be able to attend the gym very often due to shcool constraints (final and important yr of shcool) and have decided to maybe adopt Zach training style.

Now a few questions which may seem really simplistic and quite stupid but im really not to sure.

Living in Australia you dont see people to often training with equipment such as tires, sandbags, sledgehammer and co and if you do people probably think your crazy but im really taking an intrest in it. I have a large backyard but no equipment my first question is where do you obtain these utensis ? really not sure where to get sandbags, sledhegammer,sledges.

Since im just starting out i dont think ill have time for sledges would it be possible for any of you guys do adive me on 7-10 items i could buy, my backyard is quite large…so i can maybe buy small sledgehammer, tyres and sandbads but reccomendation will be helpful ?

Secondly what are my expenses looking to be ?

Thridly if anyone is training this way what kind of results do you see ? im looking to get lean and strong.

Also if you could reccomend me links to read about this, that would be also really helpful.

Thx in advance T-Nation.

Soz for this large and quite repetative post im assuming.

Hi Vinny
Sledge hammer(price here in OZ are around $60 to $80) is good for an over all body developer and when done right will also develope great arms.

weigthed vest ( go to an army surplus store the cheap old military vest’s)
Thats all I have for now I will PM you a few articles I have on that kind of Training.