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Training w/Misaligned Pelvis


I've had a pain in my side for five months now, a mystery to my doctor, who refused to send me to a sports specialist despite repeated requests. At last, I saw a sport-specialized orthopedist yesterday. He informed me that my pelvis is out of alignment, causing tendonitis of the hip and putting a strain on my right abdominal quadrant. I need physical therapy to correct this.

In the meantime, I'd like to get back in the gym, and was wondering what exercises you guys think might be safe? I'd think squats and deads would be out, but what else? I know I can ask the physical therapist when I meet him tomorrow, but I've found docs/PTs can be vague or overly cautious w/respect to such things.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Any help is appreciated.


Give me a more concrete diagnosis and note the position of the pelvis (e.g. right side is elevated), and I can help you out. The hip is a joint, so it can't have tendonitis.


true? then why do people get elbow tendonitis?


It's not the elbow itself, but the muscle/tendons surrounding it.

Stay strong