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Training w/ Max CNS Drain?


Anyone know which type/s of training is/are very draining on the CNS?

I know that training to failure and above is a huge drain, while doing very short sets, accelerating the weight (as per CT/CW), is not.

Eccentric less training also is not.

1 RMs/ ME work is very draining.

Generally speaking, altough I'm very intested to know how do supra-maximal isometrics and partials rate.

I'm once again training for the one arm-chin (yep), but I'll now try to increase the weight on weighted chins as much as possible (last time I did 1A partials I felt like having broken glass in my shoulder for a few days...now...a lot less glass. My 5 RM on Wg Chins is ~25 lbs higher). Doing 5/3/- ("5" and "3" session in the same week) and supra-maximal 1A training.



Oh, yeah, I think a "Strength training" Forum would be welcome, since not every strength related question is about powerlifting or strongman...


Maximum efforts and taking sets to failure are what causes CNS fatigue over the long term.

However one must remember that in order to stimulate strength increase and/or hypertrophy by way of adaptive response one must attempt to increase the resistance and/or reps ( & subsequently the intensity ) on a regular basis , which will always place demands on the CNS.

This is where cycling of effort over 6-8 weeks ( with short term goals ) is beneficial , as no-one can add weight to the bar indefinately lest we would all be lifting houses within 2 yrs of training. And in order to impact on the CNS as little as possible whilst lifting progressively heavier such adaptive response can be had by way of cycling NTF ( not to failure )/maintainance workouts ( or lifts ) with W/O`s where Max effort or failure is involved thus ensuring full CNS recovery without loss of skill.

Personally at age 45 ( & natural ) it can/does take me approx 9 days before I can repeat similar full effort sets again in my training , and by employing a split of upper/lower body training I can train every 5 days.

Best wishes , T.