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Training w/ Broken Wrist


broke my wrist playin hoops. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on exercises I can do? I cannot use free weights, and cant bench or pull do to the cast. Also while in my cast do you guys think it is necessary to follow a split plan while in a cast? Or do full body for the time being


focus on diet. don't be an idiot and try and train with wieghts, let your bones set.


If you only broke one wrist, you need to be lifting with free weights with the non-injured arm. If you do this, you will decrease the atrophy of the injured arm due to bilateral transference. Try single arm variations of typical exercises; single arm DB bench, OH press, etc.


Sounds like you're going to become good friends with the leg press!

Machines may save you. Anything that doesn't involve your wrist should be fine. However, if in doubt, sit it out. I've seen quite a few people really hurt themselves from trying to train too vigorously injured.


There was an article on here by someone who was in the same situation.

I think he did tons of DB exercises with the other arm including DB snatches.


you can still train. if you train the other arm there is a % crossover effect on the busted arm ... ie a certain % of gains will be experienced on the other arm as well. It is not great but better than nothing. I wouldn't go crazy on the good arm though.

Also, you can probably find a way to squat still, so maybe focus on that.

I assume your broken wrist is going to be plastered or otherwise protected? Don't hurt it.