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Training Volume?

Im setting up a HFT program to start next week. In one of the articles, i read that its good to do 24 reps total, per exercise, and do 6 exercises per day, but change the sets/reps around each day.


monday: 8x3
tuesday: 2x12
Thursday: 4x6
saturday: 3x8

Or something like that.

But I also want to include the three weeks of loading, followed by one week of deloading type of training. I cant remember where i read this, but I remember something like this:

Week one: moderate intensity, moderate volume
Week two: High intensity, low volume
Week three: High intensity, higher volume than week one.
week four: back off.

So if i was doing something like this, how might i change the volume? Would something like this be good?

Week 1: About 20 reps, ex 4x5, 2x10
Week 2: about 15 reps, ex 5x3, 3x5
Week 3: About 25 reps, ex 3x8, 4x6, or 2x12

Would that be a good way to change the total reps per week?

Also, if changing reps around to so many different ranges, how do i regulate the difference between moderate intensity and high intensity. Would a set of five with moderate intensity, use a weight thats 7-8RM, and a high intensity set would use a weight thats 5-6RM?

Also, just as a note, my main goals are strength, and functional hypertrophy, which I think would normally have a training volume of around 9-15 for strength, and 20-25 for functional hypertrophy?

Thanks for the help guys.


Follow the 60 percent rule. Just cut back to 60 percent of the previous loading week’s volume - that is: 60% of total weight lifted in a training session. You can keep changing the rep scheme and keep the intensity for the sets you do, you’ll just do fewer of them.

Or keep the rep/sets the same but drop the weight to 60-70% of previous maxes for that rep/set scheme. The point is to lower overall volume so that supercompensation can occur.