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Training Volume During Fat Loss Plan for Athletes?

Hey Chris,

I hope you, your wife and your kids are doing fine.

II want to start a little longer diet (10 weeks) for the season in the summer, but Im quite unsure how to go about it. Until now I only lifted once a week to keep my strength and focused solely on getting explosive, with good success, but that probably wont be enough to keep it while dieting.

Do you think one of the set-ups below could work in terms of CNS recovery in a deficit:

Monday Full Body - 20 Sets (RPE 8)
Wednesday - 1-1,5 Hour Sprint Session + Lower Body - 10 Sets (RPE 8)
Thursday - Upper Body - 12 Sets (RPE 8-9)
Friday - Lower Body - 10 Sets (RPE 8-9)
Saturday - AM Jumping/Agility Session 1-1,5 Hour + PM Upper Body - 10 Sets (RPE 8-9)

About 8-10 sets per muscle group

Monday AM 1 Hour Sprint Session + PM Full Body - 20 Sets (RPE 9)
Wednesday - 1-1,5 Hour Sprint Session + Full Body 15 Sets (RPE 9)
Friday Full Body 20 Sets (RPE 8)
Sunday 1-1,5 Hour Jumping + Agility Session

About 6-8 sets per muscle group

Additionally I do 7 hours of very low impact skill training