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Training Vids Need Coaches Eyes


This is from today, week 4 of the beginner program, and the second time I have done this exact workout (#4).

Before this I had no experience w snatch or jerk, and some experience with cleans.

47kg snatch pull + hip snatch (miss behind at hip)

47kg snatch pull + hip snatch (please critique)

62kg CJ for double (some soft elbows in jerk, coaching cues?)

64kg CJ for double (same, soft elbow problems!)

Thanks coaches!


you are fine at Pendlay's forum. :slightly_smiling: Don't over-analyze now, just listen to Pendlay and McCauley.


knee wraps really?


what's wrong with them?


Those aren't knee wraps he's wearing.


what are the called?


He's wearing what looks to be a pair of Rehband knee sleeves. Knee wraps would be something more like these: http://www.titansupport.com/products/knee-wraps


ahh okay. then I use knee sleeves

can you even work with knee wraps in olympic weightlifting? or in general do full squatting? Every time I've tried with wraps they are too tight or something.


You can, but the strength you gain is offset by the fact that they make you slower. Pretty sure I've seen lifters at international competitions wearing them, nobody who was a big enough name to remember though.


I was talking more about when I wear them and do a full squat it hurts like hell and I can't possibly get down in the hole comfortably. maybe I'm wearing them wrong. Or that's just how its supposed to be. I guess either way they are more meant for powerlifters.


my point was that the weight used in the video above is not heavy enough to require knee sleeves/wraps


Really? I hadn't realized there was a minimum weight you had to lift before you were allowed to want to keep your knees warm. If he was using wraps I'd be with you, but really sleeves don't do much more than keep your knees warm and sweaty.