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Training Videos

Ok T-men and T-women I am looking for a good hardcore Bodybuilding or Weight training video to get me psyched for hitting the iron. I already have Pumping Iron and Battle for the Olympia 2000, but I am looking for something more hardcore because for some strange reason it motivates me. I was thinking of getting Dorian Yates video, Blood and Guts through his website, but I have heard nothing about this video. So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. As a side note to this post, what gets everyone pumped up to hit the gym? Let me know.

THE best hardcore video so far is without doubt Ronnie Coleman’s “The Unbelievable”, the video will blow your mind.

Slain is correct, get that video. Ronnie is both a freak and entertaining as hell. Watch him pull 800x2, crazy shit! The Yates video pales in comparison.