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Training Video from Last Week


Hope someone enjoys this. I'm having fun making video's right now.


nice vid.. the only problem i have with it is that there's too many belts/knee wraps in a vid with a title "trying to injure ourselves"



Thanks. Still plenty of opportunities to get hurt in there. Most of that stuff is to prevent things from getting worse.


Cool vid. Looks like you have a good crew.


Good Work.........that's a bitch'n stone carry by 'Kicknass' my low back aches!!!


Good shit.


Cool vid. Keep up the great work.


I like that tire carry. I'm going to use that one.


Thanks guys. I think he is still sore from that stone duck walk, it was so brutal.

The tire carry is really cool, I don't know how I came up with that but it's fun. Want to try the 600lb'er this weekend.