Training Video for Ninja Assassin Movie

Uh oh, not another one.

He looks 130, maybe less.

The movie stunts look SICK though.

I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while. The trailer for the movie looks pretty decent…don’t know about CGI weapons though:

that trailer is kind of dark…this is better quality:

Colbert’s gonna be pissed.

[quote]Vash wrote:
Colbert’s gonna be pissed.[/quote]


He got the results they were looking for, Ripped. They seemed to neglect back training. His traps and lats don’t seem to have much development. Not a bad physique though for its intended purpose. Ninjas weren’t 5’8" 200lbs after all.

Whats with the lack of compound exercises?

You mean front squats, box jumps, thick rope pulling and pushups?