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Training Upper Body Only

I am hoping to get back into training soon after rehabilitating a shoulder injury, but I have a knee injury which could take a very long time to sort itself out.

So my question is for those who have had a period in their life where they have trained their upper bodies only naturally :

What gains did you make strength and muscle mass wise?

Thank you gentlemen

I had about a 1.5 month period where I had a wound on my leg so I only trained the upper body. I absolutely don’t regret it and it was an interesting development. One of the things I remember is that I could only do exercises where you don’t stand on your feet and hold the weight. Therefore no military presses, standing curls, rows… But pull-ups, bench press, sitting curls, presses and extensions, ab work - all good. And another thing I noticed was that legs catch on pretty quick when it’s over. Remember the old saying that “if you’ve been working out for a year and then stop for a year, it’ll only take you six months to get beck into the same shape”. In other words the body has some good memory.