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Training Twice?


I just whana make sure if it's ok to train each muscle twice a week. I tried working my chest an back twice an my biceps and tri once together but they look very week is it ok to train them with back an chest twice. Most players in my gym say that twice is better and they have seen good reasults from it.

ben playin for almost 6 to 8 mounths
wight 82 - hight 173 - bulkin


Oh my god how old are you!?!?!

And yes, it's perfectly fine to hit a muscle group twice a week.


I read through some of your other posts and see english isn't your first language. You should click on this link and follow one of the programs suggested for beginners. But to answer your question yes you can work out arms twice a week.


Also curious what country you are from if you don't mind telling.


Not sure what your goals are but twice a week is better for naturals. Just make sure it's a sane program.


You should ideally work each muscle group three times a week. Read up on this site to find out why.


I cant agree more. Take few minutes to print out these article or read them if you dont have a printer:




these should be more than enough help for now.

Good luck,