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Training Twice in a Day


I'm itching to try something a little different and was curious to see how some of you split up your training for two sessions in the same day and the results/drawbacks you got from it.

I've read Thib's article on Eastern European bodybuilders, but I'd like for anyone who trains/has trained twice (or more) a day to chime in.

I'm thinking about adopting a total body training format (4 compound, 2 single joint movements), with some sight variations on the set/rep parameters that would be more conducive to hypertrophy.

I want to stay in and focus on the 36-50 rep range for each muscle group (4x12, 5x10, 6x6, etc).

I'm thinking about splitting it up into two sessions with 2 compound movements and a single joint movement for each session. Thoughts? More exercises?




Honestly you can take any solid program. spilt the darn thing and do half AM half PM or what not. Your still going for the same total volume over the week etc just splitting it up having multiple windows of the post training effects and being able to enter all the exercises fresh.

For instance lets say you were doing the total body plan you said with 4 compounds and 2 isolations.

Hell I dont know lets say its Squat, Bench Press, Bent over rows, and an ab movement.

Now lets say you dothe Squats, and tghe ab movement in a super set, Then move and do the Bench Press and the bent over rows. Sure thats VERY doable BUT that squating OF course if done with intensity it deserves will; have whacked the hell out of you and sapped a LOT from your whole body. So the next exercises will/may suffer a bit.

Now take those same squat and abs AM along with say one Isolation. then eat and largely rest, eat, and recoup during the day, then Hit the Bench, rows, and other iso. at night. in theory you will hit them with more intensity at least the latter exercise.

Now I say in Theory. If you have a shitty day or what not or just dont like working out in the AM or PM. Then still one will suffer.

Give it a try if you have the time available etc. See how it goes.



i did the 3 times a day thing in CTs 8 weeks to a record bench. it worked out pretty good and it was alot of fun cause i love working out. if you dont love going to the gym i wouldnt do it though. but it definitly gives you the rest though the day to put up good numbers instead of being tired


How do you get the time to go to the gym 2-3 times a day? Sometimes i find it hard to make time for once a day.

Also, if i managed to get twice a day.....can i do cardio and training seperately without impacting my strength?


I work at a gym. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight, Phil!



It's a different story when you work at a gym. I do double and triple-split training and the difference is incredible compared to a long session. I do bodypart split training not fullbody that way I can work my entire body with maximum stimulation in 3-4 days. If you don't have the time then make time. It's worth it. But try for at least 6 hrs between sessions and preferably a 3-4 hr nap too.


ive been lifting everyother day for quite some time now, and i drink protein shakes right after my workout and im usually not sore the next day, so im wonderin if im not sor ethe next day is it ok to lift 2 days in a row


I think the general response you will get from this will be A) Not being sore doesnt necessarily mean your muscle has fully recovered. B) Try it out, see what you get. C) Instead of training more often, train harder/smarter



Be careful with double day training. It can depress the CNS quicker than you might think. Also decrease volume. For ex. If you do and this is just a 60 mins once a day training and want to split it up to 2 30 mins session. I would do 2 20 mins sessions.

You dont need to be sore to get results. If you lift and are not sore the next couple of days good. The next time you do the exact same workout if you cant do more weight or more reps you need to change something. If you can do more weights and more reps next workout, its working


Twice a day is an interesting experience.

I would look at CW's Next Frontier which is exactly what you're looking at. I like that he preps the system for twice a days. I"m on the last week of the last phase and about half way through..I hit th egym 8 times a week. It's funny, I looked at pics from Nov...holy..I've put on some mass since then.

Scale wieight up 15 pds. overall. I'm fitting clothes differently after this program. My waist is same if not less and my upper body and especially my legs are bigger.

Although, I know I'm a large legged frame and smaller upper. That's how I be.

I would suggest doin it and seeing how you respond.

As for those who work..go at lunch..it takes like 45 mins..I work close to a gym..andthen I stay late at work..and go 6 hrs later.



bulgarian oly lifters consistently had two a days....sometimes 3...of course their work capacity is amazing but...

certainly you could not go to failure and you'd have to keep the volume fairly low

i have had my best workouts during two a days because my body is warmed up and ready to go...

it works really well with exercises which require motor skills like the olympic lifts or squatting

i have 93/98 bulgarian training hall tapes...that will motivate any SOB to train twice a day


Almost done with Waterbury's HFT program. Best program I've ever done. He also has that article he wrote that helps you design your own High Frequency program. If I worked at a gym or had the time I would definately train this way most of the time.


I sometimes have to split a workout into an am/pm session because I don't have enough time.

I feel like I have more energy when I split the workouts into two parts instead of one longer session.



I currently do a whole body workout 8 times a week...
I have never grown as fast in my life..and I am 38.
I basically take 6-10 exercises (one quad dom, one hip dom, one lunge version, one hor push + pull and one vert push + pull and a core exercise) and change the parameters and the exercises of course, around each time i step into the gym.
i feel like the growing pains i had when i was 16. I have gained in the last 14 days 7 lbs and LOST an inch on my waist.

I go in at 5 am (before the wife and kids wake up) and at 9:30 pm (when the kids are asleep and the wife is studying for her masters degree). It a killer and I am famished all day! I can feel myself growing. My wife seriouly thinks I am on the juice!



What parameters do you switch between?


Coincidentally, the subject of two-a-days is the topic of my most recent blog entry- have a look:



Thanks Charles! Great article today, also.



8x3 (am) 4x6 (pm)
2x12 (am) 1x24 (pm)
6x4 (am) 3x8 (pm)
2x25 (am) 1x50-100 (pm)
5x5 (am) and 5x10 (speed reps with only 60% of max)(pm)

Enormous amount of work. After 25 minutes I am dead, after 45 minutes I get an energy rebound like nothing else and after 65 minutes I feel like I have not worked out, I am that energized. I cannot explain it. i am starving all day and I eat close to 5000 calories, I sleep only 5-7 hours, if I am lucky yet feel perfectly fine.

This was just an experiment for me really, based on Chad's writings (although I have done HF before, but never full body) but so far my weight has gone from 230 to 237 and my waist went from 38 to 37...unreal.



I do morning cardio on an empty stomach (sometimes low intensity, long duration and sometimes HIIT) and then I train with weights a couple hours later. Ideally, I would like to be able to take more time in b/n cardio and weights, but this is what seems to gel best with my schedule. Typical day for me...

Wake up around 9... cardio within 20 mins

Then I'm usually at the gym hitting the weights by 11:30 or so. Strength gains are not my #1 priority, but I can tell you this. On the days when I don't do cardio...but just go train a couple hours after waking up, I feel like poo. The cardio sessions have an overall positive impact on every aspect of my weight training.



I've been on CW's Body Buildings Next Frontier for roughtly 6 weeks and I'm into the last phase which consists of AM/PM workouts 4 times a week.

My scheduals very thight and lifting really cuts out the social life but it's worth it. Speaking of diminished social life, I literally just got called by some girls to go out drinking tonight, oh well.

I get up at 6:30am and lift by 7:30am. I than head to class and once I'm out I pound a Surge and head to the gym around 2:00pm. CW suggests splitting AM/PM's to 6 hours apart, more being better.

This is the first time I've gotten some nice gains since I broke my bursa in my shoulder and the program rocks.

Pros of AM/PM:
You feel like a badass
Best results with hypertrophy
Quicker Results
Allows for more variation in your lifts

You have to focus on eating all the time or you'll be tired.
Early bed time or you'll be a zombie
Like I said up above, social life suffers (a day of drinking is devistating on performance)

Overall the +'s are worth the -'s. I'd deff suggest checkin out Bodybuildings Next Frontier.

Hope it helps ya out,