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Training Twice a Week

Guys I need a bit of guidance.

Due to my new work schedule I know I can consistently get to the gym to lift twice a week for the foreseeable future.

My schedule is:
Week 1 - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (I work 6am-6pm W-St)
Week 2 - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Saturday (I work 6am-6pm W-F)
This just repeats.

During my work hours I can do a lot of body weight stuff: pull ups, push ups, inverted rows, abs, lunges bb split squat and go for walks.

How would you schedule workouts based on my schedule?

I would think lifting twice a week, sprinting 3x a week, and doing BW stuff the rest of time would work well?

Any advice would help me tremendously!

A 2-day upper/lower split with the BW and conditioning as you suggested seems right up your alley.

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Very effective 2 day a week template…

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I have a very physical job in extreme heat. I got sat sun off this is my workout for last 3 months, when it is hot out 85 plus i can drink 1.5 gallons h20 piss 3 times in 10 hours. Anyway here is my workout, next week i go to three times a week. So more leg and back on 3 day split.
Smith shoulder press 6 sets 5
Super set with front dumbell raise 5 sets 20
Incline smith 4 sets 10
Hammer curl 3 sets 10 heavy
Tricep push down 4 sets 10
Preacher curl 3 sets 20
Hammer dip 2x50
Cable crossover 2x50
Hammer shoulder 2x50
Day 2
Leg press 6 sets of 10
Dead lift variation 4 sets of 8 to 15
Low row 5sets of 10
Pulldowns 4 sets 20
Face pulls 3 sets 20
Hypertextension 2x 50
Leg ex 2x50
Leg curl 2x50
Situps one song 3to4 minutes

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When/how would you sprint three times a week on top of two lifting sessions?

What are your exact goals? If you’re just looking to “stay fit” vs make the best to gain strength or size, the best plan will be different.

Something like the “Weekends Only” 5/3/1 plan here could work as a general template.

Or you could do 2 full body sessions, Sunday and Tuesday, one day heavier/lower rep the other day a bit lighter/moderate-higher rep, setup similar to this Waterbury program.

Or if you really can do bodyweight work during your work hours, the PLP routine would be a solid addition to whatever basic training plan.

Or a few sets of complexes each day, not killing yourself with total volume in any one workout to compensate for relatively higher frequency.

Basically, a few different ways to go based on what you want to get out of it.

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I don’t know your goals,but I think what I’m about to suggest can be tailored to different goals you may have

You can train twice per week,full body.conjugate,one day high volume and one day low.The other days(2 days are enough imo) you can do some gpp/conditioning and mini workouts like some extra pushdowns,leg curls,band pull aparts ect

I don’t take credit for this type of training,the idea came from this guy.He has some muscles he prioritizes,and basically gives most of the focus there

Thanks for the response Chris. My goal is get stronger overall, drop some bf%, and to improve my conditioning. My main goal is to gain strength though.

I live in front of a soccer field, but the gym is a lot further. So I figure if I can make it to the gym 2x a week, then 2-3x a week I can spend 1/2 hour sprinting on the field.

At my office guys go on 3 20min walks a day. But I’m by myself in a big office, so I figure throughout the day if I sprinkle in BW stuff it would just add overall total volume. That PLP looks like it’s right up my alley!