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Training Twice a Week Only?

Interesting. No, not huge poundage (eg 1.5xBW squat). I’m 39, been lifting for 3-4 years, and want to get stronger before age closes the window for the most improvement.

Some questions about what you laid out:

  • would the other big lifts have the same volume as deads, or can they handle 1-2 more sets per workout?
  • does it matter if the assistance lifts compliment the main lift (eg lunges on squat day)?
  • could the assistance be run with methods like 10-6-10 or rest-pause?

Looking bigger picture, though, would those four half-hour sessions per week build more strength than two longer sessions per week? Or is it really just a matter of time under the bar? I ask because I’ve been reading Chris Thibaudeau on the benefits of high frequency for natural lifters. I want to be stronger, but I also want to see my family on occasion.

Thanks again for sharing what you know.

The lifts do a great job of building themselves. I can’t tell you if you need more or less sets. That’s a part of being in the gym and figuring out your body and how it responds.

The support work should be used to build muscle. They can be ran any way you enjoy so long as you’re working hard.

And yes I’d prefer the 4 over the longer 2.

That’s really helpful, Paul. I’ll keep things simple for the next couple of months and will play around with the volume on the main lifts and have some fun on the assistance lifts. Really appreciate the help.

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I should add that your “don’t see how you can’t fit in 1 big lift and 2 small ones in 30 minutes” comment was a good kick in the pants. I did my usual routine on Wednesday with that in mind and pushed the pace. Shaved about 15 minutes off my usual time and my heavy lifts actually felt better with 1-1.5 min rest than with 2-3 minutes rest. There might be hope for me yet!

Next week, the pace will really get pushed!

Yup. Most people lolly gag around in the gym far more than they think they do. Good job, my dude.

What are the mean light triples?