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Training Twice a Day

Lets say you were a young healthy male, with unlimited workout time and money to spend on food. If you sufficiently upped your calorie intake, how beneficial would exercising twice a day be?

If a week scheme went:

Day 1: 2x workouts
Day 2: 2x workouts
Day 3: off
Day 4: 2x workouts
Day 5: 2x workouts
Day 6: off
Day 7: off

Recipe for disaster?

I’m sure it could work out great if you follow the twice-a-day guidelines (keep workouts short, do one heavy and one lighter workout, etc.).

However, even if I was in that situation, I wouldn’t train twice a day. I would stick to 4-5 days a week of weights and spend the other available time pursuing other activities for fun or because they would benefit other areas of my life.

So maybe I’d go mountain biking in the morning on one day and hit the weights in the afternoon. Or hit the weights in the morning and play some volleyball in the afternoon.

The growth Surge project recommended 2x per day training during the second stage. If you do a search you’ll find it.

The main benefit in the article stated that the two workouts provide two post workout opportunities to stimulate hormone release, nutrient partitioning and nutrient storage.

I’ve done this twice with great results, actually in process of 2 a days right now, unfortunately been sick and can’t get there once per day let alone twice!

Also, this workout recommends you’re taking some sort of anabolic supplement as well (i.e mag10, steroids, etc).

I’ve did it a few months ago for a full month.

It was awesome, had great gains.

The key is recovery.

I suggest that you wake up early for your first session and plan your next session for about 8 hours later.

Make sure you have a good pre, durring and post workout drink, and a soild nutrition plan.

If you don’t have your nutrition down tight you will burn out real quick.

It also depends on what you do in these sessions. I wouldn’t expect or try to do 2 session that are the same as your usual once a day plan they will have to be more brief. Sure the total of the 2 can be a bit more than One session but I wouldnt over do it.

And get the rest recovery and nutrition. The harder you work the harder you have to rest, recover, etc keep it in balance or the boat will sink.


That sounds pretty promising, and I think I’d like to try out a twice a day program, for a month or so. I’ll give it a go in April and see how I get on.