Training Twice a Day

Well I did it - I bought a power cage and am now trying to plan some workouts. My goal right now is fat loss and I have been reading a bunch of info about the merits of weight training in ramping up a persons metabolism and sustaining this increased metabolism for some time after working out. I typically do cardio (stationary biking) 4-5 times a week. I have been thinking of weight training twice a day, morning (5AM) and evening (5PM). I guess my main questions are is this wise or should I stick to my current 4 day a week split with 45min cardio sessions mixed in.

If I can get away with it I am more than willing to train twice a day but am not sure how to set up a program and what volume and intensity to aim for.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


If you’re just starting to work out, I wouldn’t recommend twice a day sessions. If you really have to, keep them no longer than 30-45 minutes.

I’d wait until several months after you’ve seen some serious changes in your body to work out twice a day. Since working out hard twice a day can demand a lot of energy an nutrients, it may be a better idea on a bulking phase, since on a cutting phase it may just be overkill.

I wouldn’t choose to do it that way myself. Mebby I am missing something but I would choose to stimulate weight loss with manipulation of tot cal intake, food timing and macronutrient profiles etc with cardio of the proper intensity and use weight traing (in conjunction with mac.nutrients) to keep the muscle on (also keeping that metabolism up).

Intense weight training is an incredibly stressful way to try and burn calories in the way that you describe. Yes there is a residual increase in metabolism but you are going to start loosing the beneficial effect when physical stress levels (eg cortisol) start to increase and tiredness creeps in. You will loose muscle mass, training intensity will decrease etc. I think you would have to be incredibly cautious planning this to avoid these consiquences. I know you have been around here long enough to know what systems lifting taxes etc so I ain?t gonna patronise you and regurgitate all that. I would just ask

Why do you want to do it this way?

How many times a week would you be looking at training?

Something tells me you already know that answer by the way you put the question, if you see what I mean.

p.s. sorry about the spelling, it is late!