Training Twice a Day

Regarding two-a-days, Poliquin advocated training about four hours apart- one session heavy, and the second session light- both using mostly the same muscle group.

Does anybody care to post what they’ve been using for two-a-day routines. For instance, can I train at 7am and again at 4pm, or does this somehow counteract the neurological effect of what I’m trying to accomplish?

How do cleans fit into this routine?


I throw in 2 a days every now and then just for a shock to the ole system. Usually something along the lines of that in “Growth Surge Project.” I will do this for around 2 weeks at the most before changing back to less volume inorder to not overtrain. I do find that in breif sessions they can be very effective.

Just my 2 cc.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the imput Phill. That gives me little more to work with and I didn’t remember which programs had discussed that in the past.