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Training Twice A Day


I'm looking for a program that involves training am pm to try and increase my strength and size in the pre-season.

Any suggestions much appreciated?

also i have a decent base of strength and size that i wish to add to.


The key to training twice per day, in my opinion, is to cut the volume in half. You can follow any program like the 5X5 program. For example, you can do Squats in the morning with a few minor other exercises and then hit the Bench and Standing Military press at night. The other factor is how your body can recoup after an intense session. Look at the Christian Thibaudeau forum for the para-workout nutrition good stuff there.

I realize you are asking for a specific workout, but for increase in strength go the 5X5 route and split the exercises up in two sessions with accessory exercises and that should work.

Good luck.


thanks for the reply,

yeah i have followed a 5x5 route before and seen good progress. do you think its best to train different body parts in each session or like eastern europeans with the big lifts in the morning for low reps and then higher reps accessory based work pm.

Also i noticed CT saying he believes in heavy partials etc am and the full lifts pm. So i was wondering if there are any specific programs i can follow?


I used this program 5 or 6 years ago which involves training twice a day for 2 weeks i believe. I used it with MAG-10, all the supplements listed and followed the nutrition plan. Im not sure how it works out without the MAG-10 etc but with it my strength shot up and i must have put on at least 14 pounds of muscle.





I'm too familiar with a variety of different programs since I train as a PL'er. I look at the three links above and those look like some killer workouts if performed properly. I would give those a try.

But to answer one of your other questions concerning the higher reps accessory work in the pm, I would say yes. This is what I have been doing for the past 2 weeks and it has been working. The only downside is that I have to monitor my caloric intake because my metabolism shoots through the roof and I am hungry more often.

I looked at those above links, and those look like a kille workout with a nutritional plan attached. Look at those and see what you think.


cheers might give that a try actually. But thats massive gains, why haven't you used it again?


I think it will depend on how you want to set up your training. If you go body part split you'll want to train the same muscles both AM and PM, generally going for power/strength in the morning and hypertrophy style in the evening....Im pretty sure thibs has done a post on one of his forums about AM/PM splits.

You could however, go for a full body AM/PM split like something Waterbury would recommend. I cant remember the name of the program but It was a full body split over AM/PM using his push/pull/legs mantra i.e. Deadlift in AM Dips and Chins PM

It depends on how you like to train.


I did use it again, again with the MAG-10. I made gains but never repeated the gains of the first time around but i believe that was down to my slackness in the eating area so my own fault. I think, from memory you move on to another program after and have a break from it which is what i did and with different things going on in my life and not liking early mornings, i never really thought about it again until i saw your post.


yeah ok. i'm almost definetely going to give it a go maybe starting next week once i sort out the nutrition etc...



If you are into doing a body part split then It's too easy. I've basically had a 5 way split and then cycled through them doing one in am and one in pm. Something like legs/chest/back/arms/accessory-grip. this way you can get through them and hit each BP almost twice a week and still have 2-3 days recovery.

But using an upper lower or full body style will take more program engineering.



Just a couple of ideas to tweak it a bit: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/double_trouble_hypertrophy