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Training Trousers/Pants (Clothes) for Squats


Hello! Does anybody in Europe have a recommendation for a pair of bottoms to squat in? I have quite a big backside anyway and I have torn a pair of shorts (admittedly, they weren’t designed for the gym) and a pair of tracksuit bottoms right up the backside of both. I need something strong that I can either buy in a physical shop or, better yet, online.

Thanks in advance


Stretch fabric homie and buy a size or two up if you have to. I have these Under Armor terry clothe like shorts that have been my absolute favorites. I have them in multiple sizes for when I move around from 175-200 pounds. Another guy I lift with who is also well developed through the thighs and hips has them and loves them as well. I’m in the US, so I don’t know if they’re available in the the old EU or not.


I have found my favorite shorts to train in are cheap sweat pants that I cut the legs off. Go down to your Walmart equivalent and buy 10 dollar (Euro, Pound) sweats, scissor off the bottom portion of the legs, and you got some comfy squatting shorts.


My deeply uncool blue harbour loose jogging bottoms have always done me proud.


Thanks guys! I’m going to get some loose fitting ones with sme stretch in them