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Training Tris with Irritated Elbow


Had a minor tweak in my elbow off and on for the past couple months. Some days it hurts worse than others. Anyways, when I do triceps, for those days where it hurts like a motherfucker I have to do my normal workout backwards.

I'll do light weight kickbacks, 1 arm cable pushdowns or anything that puts the minimal amount of strain on my elbow. Then, as my blood pressure goes up the pain starts to go away and I'll do the heavier stuff like skull crushers etc. Is this a good way to handle an irritated elbow?

I mean it's not like its every single workout where it's bothering me to where I can't manage to workout. I'm taking some joint support, icing it as much as my lazy ass gets around to it, and putting icy hot on it before training to get the blood flowing.

Don't wanna have this injury build to something more where I can't workout. BTW, the pain is when i lockout my elbow (flexing), and on the negative part of the rep on most tricep exercises.


Are you still training biceps? I read on Charles Poliquin's website that many people who get irritated elbows aren't training enough elbow flexors(biceps); you need a balance between curling and tricep exercises.


Yea I've actually heard that before and know someone who that was his problem. But yeah I do train them equally, it doesn't hurt at all whenever I do biceps btw.


^ +1. Also try high rep band/ cable pushdowns. (try to get 100 total reps). If you bring blood into the area it will help it heal. Also try foam rolling your tris- i heard this from Alexus.


Try Graston Technique, i had multiple injuries, and it did wonders for my triceps and elbow. you'll probably need 3 trips and your tricep will be good as good as new.


Is it only extensions that bother the elbow? What about close-grip press? Dips?


BoyinPain, what is the Graston Technique? and BlueCollarTr8n it's irritated with extensions, close grip press, dips, shoulder press. I tried doing the band warmup to get the blood flow going and it definitely helped!


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