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Training Triceps with Long Limbs: Compound or Isolation?

Hi CT,

Just have a quick question on compound lifts for triceps…

I have long limbs and have always struggled to feel my triceps doing compound exercises like close grip bench press and dips, as one of your article mentions and reflects my dominant muscles are chest and shoulder with my long limbs…

I do plenty of bench press and military press, so for my arm day is it more beneficial for me to concentrate on isolation exercises over compound exercises to get the most from my triceps?

Thanks for the help

Well you should still use a big pressing movement, but people with long limbs will normally need more isolation work for triceps

Thanks for the reply CT

This is what I do for arm day:

  1. Lying ez extensions
  2. Straight bar push down
  3. DB cross body extensions
  4. 1 arm reverse grip push downs
    (HIT Dorian Yates style)

I also do bench press and incline bench press on chest day and push press and seated shoulder press from pins forehead level on shoulder day…


  1. As I have 4 big BB pressing exercises in my week, is it feasible to just do isolation work for the triceps on my arm day?

  2. If not, which triceps exercise would you eliminate to put a compound lift in?

  3. Is doing the JM press (which I do feel strongly in my triceps) a good alternate to the close grip bench press (which I don’t feel in the triceps) to use as a compound lift?

Thanks again for the help