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Training Track Athletes

I would like to know from people who have experience in Training High-School level track athletes, my Sister is going into her senior season in 15 weeks, she runs the 400m, 4 x 1, 100m, and 200m. I would like to help her as best that I can, what would you all suggest for Training, Weights, and Sprints/Plyos. Thank you in advance…

Whats her form like? If she is like most HS female runners she probably runs with her butt out, spends a lot of time on the ground and doesnt extend fully to the rear on each stride.
How familiar is she with the weight room? Id get her started on building strength in the posterior chain. Deads and GHR should be her new best friends. Also for plyos Id suggest starting her with low volume depth landings, eventually working up to depth jumps. Stay with a box height that is the same as her vert. Btw those and GHRs, Im sure she’ll get faster. Recovery is key and keep the volume LOW. Stimulate, dont destroy.

i was a track team at school only 100 and 4 x 100 and hammer no 200,400meters ccant see 200m trianing to be different from 100 tbh. 400m i can tho.

we incorpoated 2 days a week weights into our sriting

  1. snnatch, OH squat, squat, GHR, dips
  2. clean, front squat, deads, chins

i did dips and chins on my own accord tho

OLYs help a lot with explosvemess, speed. We never did pylos but i think it was becasue my coaches were a stuck in the 60’s. but it hink they would have abeen a good thing to do if you can include them into a routine.

Anyone else? I have been reading Charlie Francis’s site, but would appreciate some more help from here…

big49 is right on…get someone who can teach her the o-lifts and running mechanics

Whicehver race is her best she needs to concentrate on that the most, so that will either be between the 400 and 200. If shes better at the 2 she should focus on more 200m training, if she is better at the 4, then she needs to roll with some more 400m style training. Skip out on plyo’s because I don’t feel its truly necessary unless your going to be a 100m type sprinter and if you have a coach to properly teach you how to do it plus they can mess you up if overdone. Umm get her lifting with things like deadlifts and rock bottom squats. You mainly want to hit her hips, hamstrings, and quads in that order. Try to implement single leg movements that will help alot. Make sure she stretches because thats important and always remember to ice up. Regarding 4x1 don’t stress doing handoffs not only is it pointless but it can mess you up in the long run I know :(. Best thing for the 4x1 is chemistry if you have people with no chemistry switches must be made. Make sure your sis gets out in the first 200m of the 400m, the faster you get out the easier the race will be. Make sure her hands aren’t balled up, they either need to be wide open or in this kinda like cupped position its hard to explain but you basicly curl your fingers in and rest your thumb on the top of your index finger this prevents your forearm from overpronating and making your forearm tired. This will in turn mess up your arm pump coming in down the homestretch. Lets see, umm 200m wise, she’s going to want to get out the first 100m, the best way to plan it is, sprint hard and DRIVE those first 15-20m come up and ease into the turn until you are 50m’s into the race then turn it on, once you get ready to hit the straight somewhere around the first big triangle in the exchange zone start to turn it on and lift your knees. Well I could write more but I gotta get to bed if anythign else is needed just pm.