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Training too often?

I was wondering if lifting evertday is too often?
One day I do push muscles and the next I do pull.

I am 16 with about 3 years lifting experience.

Would it be okay to lift this often as long as I east a lot>

where do legs go in the push pull schedule? laters pk

squats on push day, deads on pull day

I would take at least one day off a week and keep the volume low.

See Christian’s Different Destinations Article.

hi there,
may i direct you to lonnie lowery’s articles in t-mag issue 300 and 301. i think they may help answer your question to some extent.


This is also dependent on how much you are doing each day. The total amount of work you are putting in each w/o. If you are doing short w/o 30 mins or less and keeping total sets low then I would say no it might not be to often. But if you are really getting after it each day then you will become overtrained and the gains will halt.

Either way I would suggest @leats one day off.


Aaah, must be great to be 16, superhuman recovery. I did the same as you when I was 16, trained more or less every day (and the results where mediocre). Wish I’d known then what I know now!! Now I know better, I train app. 4 days per week and take an extra day off when feeling beat up and I’m bigger and stronger than ever, (I’m 45 now).

Tiree, remember you don’t grow in the gym, you grow when resting and remember to eat, eat and eat some more.

Follow one of the great programs on this site and I’m sure you’ll get better results than you’re getting now.

Lifting everyday is not a good idea. Try a 4 days split, for example:
Day1: Squat
Day2: Vertical push/pull
Day3: rest
Day4: Deadlift
Day5: Horizontal push/pull
Day6/7: rest

Add calves,abs and grip work.