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Training Too Much? What's Wrong?


im 5"10 174 ibs and 7% body fat. ive been trainin for 6 years and i wanna b @ 180 ibs with still 7% body fat. i know this is extremely hard so i train 6X a week;3X circuit training, 3X weight lifting and do 300 pushups 3-4X a week, and my diet is honestly excellent. am i trainin to much? am i not giving my body enough time for rest/recover? wats wrong? any suggestions/tips i would greatly appreciate, thanks..




What's worng is that you're alive.



Srsly, Limit it to 4 times a week.


im thinkin 5 days, wat should i do in terms on workout days(weight lifting, circuits?)


Yeah, on workout days you should probably do some weight-lifting, that might be a good idea.


You're kidding, right?



I'm gone for a couple weeks because I'm swamped with work and I just happened to stop by and I see frickin ronjohn making multiple threads saying the same stupid thing.

ronjohn: just shut up, listen/search before posting, and read

Problem solved (kind of wish I had an old Brickenyce avatar with him screaming; would have given a great effect)


But, I mean, we're all here to get 'thin & shredded' right?

Edit: Oh I forgot the 'long and lean'. I mean, what is a thread of short bodybuilders doing here? Do you like how they look? That's just... too bulky ewwwww


Brought to you by the letter "H"


Sorry OP but I thought it was a stupid thread to begin with. I don't think you read one thread on this site before you posted your own. ...Oh, just read ronjohn4788's other posts.

Fucking trolls.


Nobody see's the troll job here?

Come on.




First off, if everyone would stop getting so pissed it wouldn't be a troll job. Since everyone else is good at "reading the stickies" why don't we make one for the existing members saying to just ignore these kind of posts if you feel it is a troll? I would say to the OP, you should just eat clean and train hard. Read how the actual bodybuilders on this site train.


This guy doesn't want to be a bodybuilder though. His goals are more representative of someone looking to make a splash in figure competition. He just posted in the wrong forum, hence the confusion.


zingg lol

BTW bonez looking fucking swole these days. Good shit.


Point taken