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Training Too Long, Cortisol Effects

I’ve read here on this forum that when the workout lasts too long (over one hour) cortisol rises and it could be detrimental for muscle growth.
Now my question is : it will affect only the last muscles worked or it will affect the entire workout ?

Cortisol has several negative effects such as weakening the immune system and encourageing fat around the abs.

It doesn’t happen all at once. It’s not a case that you’re OK at 59 minutes and at 61 you went too long. It seems to start building about 45 to 90 minutes in and is affected by the intensity or amount of stress. 60 minutes is a good rule of thumb but that’s all it is. Carbs during the workout can mitigate the problem during long workouts. This is also important for cardio and weight training in the same workout as that thends to take longer.

Becareful listening to every strict rule when it comes to the body. The body hasn’t been mastered and it doesn’t follow all current mathmatical formulas.

Pre Juice bodybuilders used to work out for HOURS to get massive.

Cortisol rises during a workout, and stressful times. If your a stressed out person or barely work out your cortisol ratio can by high from the start of your workout.

Studies say that your testosterone production rises during a workout. This Rise leads to a higher test:cort ratio. Supposedly the peak in RATIO is at 60 minutes. Depending on your belief this does not mean you have to stop your workout then. Why?

Answer your questions first. It effects both your capacity to workout, and the specific muscles you are working. This is not entirely a bad thing since its effect on the muscle is an anti-inflammatory to keep yourself from damaging the muscle too much.

An argument to continue your workout is this. The little testosterone that you are getting from your workout is not being used to build the muslce your working then anyway. It is used for protein synthesis in muscles you’ve hypertrophied previous to that day. It’s also used to give you a boost in energy as your working out. If you lose this boost, you may still have the drive to continue to workout in which case you can cause more hypertrophy for the body to fix later.

Trust me many pro’s may decide to workout for 60 minutes a day once they reach their goal, but I know of no pro athletes in any sport who got to where they are by never working out more than 60 minutes.

Thanks guys!
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Here’s a good read on cortisol and training in general: