Training Too Late?

What is the latest time during the day you can train and still have the positive effects of a simple carb/protein post workout shake?

I am currently training twice a day and my last training session sometimes ends after midnight. I was always informed and have read various posts on here that the eating of carbs ( especially simple carbs ) should be tapered off close to bedtime.

As my session sometimes encroaches quite close to my bed time I was wondering if I should just ingest the protein and forego the carbs?

Just make sure you’re getting some type of meal/meal replacement shake that includes slow digesting protein and fat after the carb/protein post workout drink. My training time is sometimes close to my bedtime, and doing those things has made me stronger and leaner.

NO due to the training your body is ready to use those carbs you have created an insulin resistant state. Like above said have that and then something a bit later longer sustained digestion


Thanks Doug and Phil