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Training Too Intense?


Hey guys, I have recently been training very intense and my workouts are about an hour or even 2 hours consisting of droplets burnouts and supersets. I am normally more methodical about my training and realize that you need to push yourself but sometimes it can be to much.

However I have been training with a good friend of mine for a while and normally we focus on strength. But now we have been doing bodybuilding type training and we really push each other and try to out do each other. We have been watching people like ct fletcher and mike rashid on YouTube and have been inspired by there workouts and intensity. We love training like this and trying to get the stupidest pump possible.

So I wanted to ask if this type of training is to much or would it be beneficial to put on size. To get a feel on the amount we are doing we did about 30 sets for chest shoulders and triceps.


How long ago did you switch? Are you getting any results? If you aren't after a good few weeks at this approach, provided nutrition is in check and sleep, then it may not be correct.
Did you gain muscle during your strength phase? From what to what on the major lifts. What rep range?
Stimulate, don't annihilate.
While you've been doing this bodybuilding type workout, what rep ranges are you using? What exercises?


I've been there and enjoy the volume of many sets. Different strokes for different folks. I would love to see a log and check in and tell us how much muscle you have gained.

If you go back to strength training same thing.


From what I know about Ct Fletcher he does not believe in over training. Although I do not possess the size, or upper body strength he does, over training is a real thing. Your body can reach a point of diminishing returns when it comes to tearing down the muscle fiber even if size is your goal. If you are dead set on training like this, make sure you keep a log and compare it to when you used to train for strength.

My prediction would be that you will find yourself making more progress when you aren't training this way. Your progress is going to stem from your diet as well. If you are training with genuine intensity for two hours (too long) then you better be eating like a horse.


I do pretty crazy high volume myself

yesteday was chest/ shoulders

did 18 sets of chest, and about 12 sets for shoulders. Im pre contest dieting and training every day( if its not a weight day, its an HIIT cardio day) and feeling good.

I think the trick to this kind of training is not making every workout like a rocky movie, train hard, but dont go 100 percent to failure every set.


Hey guys! Well I think I might just keep a log and see how my body responds. During my strength phase I used different rep ranges because I would often have a heavy and light day where I would attack my weaknesses with assistance lifts. I basically just tried to add weight to the bar every workout and it worked. I have really only been doing this type of training for about a week so I can't really tell if it's to much but I'm still motivated to go to the gym and have been eating like I never have before,


Be careful. If you train too intense, you might actually get too strong and too big.


Shit your right... Maybe gymnastics is a better route


If it works it works...if it doesn't then change something. You won't know unless you do something consistently for a month or so. That is enough time to see some sort of change in the body.

I don't believe in training to hard. I believe that if adequate rest and food is there that one can "over train". The body won't adapt unless you make it do something it doesn't want to do.

However, rest is important. You can overtrain for a couple months then take 4-5 days off to let the CNS and soft tissues recover. Then BLAST away at it again.

I would rather see somebody over train than under train.


X2 Great post.

A massage every once and a while helps with recovery I find. Make sure you're getting enough carbs on the nutrition side of things and sleep. Personally, I wouldn't agree with CT's training methods.


Doesn't sound like anything crazy to me.

Anyway, how can anyone possibly answer what you and your buddy can handle or not.
Shit is pretty simple though.
Your body will eventually tell you when it can't cope with whatever you do.


cut out the drop sets/ failure techniques if you're going to go high volume