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Training to Vomit?


Guys quick question.......at the gym today training legs. Had a great workout, felt strong. Anyways came out the gym and literally threw up!! Was mainly water i think and some funky looking white stuff.

I just wanted to know is this bad?? I normally feel sick after training but never actually been sick!


Sometimes that drained, nauseous feeling hits so suddenly that you puke before you can think to hold it back. Usually it happens to me when I didn't eat enough on leg day (especially carbs).


OR too close to your session. Depends on your rate of gastric emptying as well. Did you eat anything different that day?

Were you shaky? - More so than usual?


Take more time to cool down. Learn how to control yourself. Vomiting is not good or productive.


I would assume it has to do with exercising to soon after eating.


It was a leg day and i ate pretty much exactly the same as I usually do!

My breakfast was 8 egg whites, oats, milk, honey at 8.00am

Then 8.30-8.45am i had the lucozade

9.45am got to the gym

11.15 finished workout

11.20 threw up

I took more rest between sets than would normally do and didn't feel shaky at all..if it makes any difference my legs kill today. Can throwing up effect muscle growth?


Throwing up is very catabolic. Try and prevent it from happening.


In the sense that now you're less hydrated and possibly have lost valuable nutrients, yes.


That happened to me yesterday doing front squats, and happens every once in awhile with leg workouts in higher reps, except I don't throw up. I can generally feel the nausea setting in right after the set and I just sit down on a bench and focus on my breathing for a couple minutes and it goes away. Unless it is food posioning or something you can control the reflux with some will power :slight_smile:


Right well i usually stick to lowish (6-10reps for legs and i decided to try 10-15 (not on purpose just that the weights i was using last week went up by a few reps).

Happened about 2 mins after finishing workout and i couldn;t control it as it just came out without warning......got a protein drink in me straight after though :slight_smile: