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Training to Unlock the Mythical BEAst_in_i: Phoenix

Winter Siege Prep

2 weeks out.

DOH Deadlift @ 335, 1 x 1
Deadlift @ 400 (181.4), 4 x 2

First set beltless. Everything moved well.

Pause Front Squat 6 x 2 @ 230 (104.3)

First set beltless. This was a tad harder than planned

Stepup EMOM 10 x 3 @ 190 (86)
Banded Leg Curl 2 x 12 @ 90

Winter Siege Prep

Last week of hard training until deload before Winter Siege…

Decline Bench @ 215, 4 x 2

Every set felt good.

Pullups 3, 4, 2, 4, 3

KB Clean and Press 10 x 4 + 5 @ 50/hand

French Press 4 x 3 @ 100
Zottman Curls: A bunch
Laterals: Some
MTS Row Machine: 4 x 10

Dem pull ups again lol

Still suck at them. Getting better at variations instead of just one type, but not seeing the numbers at the moment. Well its ok, its not a focus right now.

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Winter Siege Prep

Front Squats 5 x 1 @ 265
Knee Jumps: 12

Knee jumps were popping today.

DOH Fat Grip DL 4 x 2 @ 195, 1 x 1 @ 195

Trap Bar Deadlift
1 x 1 @ 410 (No supportive gear.or hook)
1 x 5 @ 410

Seated Calf Raises 3 x 20
Leg Curls 3 x 17

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Nice front squatting. I’m too much of a bitch to do front squats. Unrelated but those shorts don’t do your calves any favours. I’d recommend sexi tights

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Breathing is hard if I have it in the right spot. Hard to breath but it feels mechanically more stable. Hoping for 315 before my competition in the summer. I prefer wearing shorts most of the time, I do have 3 pairs of leggings, I just don’t wear them very often.

Winter Siege Prep

Log Press
4 x 2 @ 147
1 x 3 @ 117 (Strict)

Missed a rep on the last set as my focus was broken, was able to turn it around and get the reps though.

6, 6, 7, 5

Barbell Strict Press
5 x 5 @ 100

Finger Curl 3 x 12 @ 140

DB Incline Bench (Pause Every rep)
1 x 10 @ 30/hand
1 x 10 @ 35/hand
1 x 10 @ 40/hand

Tricep PD 2 x 12 @ 130
Uni Tricep PD 3 x 10 @ 30
Zottman Curls: A lot
Laterals: A lot
Front Raises: Some

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Winter Siege Prep

Last day of prep. Did it a day early so I could rest up a tiny bit more.

DOH Deadlift 1 x 1 @ 335
Deadlift 1 x 4 @ 430

+15lb and + 1 rep on my 3 rep max from July

Pause Front Squat 7 x 1 @ 245

Stepups 10 x 2 @ 205

Can’t call it an EMOM but I tried.

Leg Curls (SS) Hanging Leg Raises
3 x 15 (SS) 3 x 10

Laterals 2 x 20

Deload for Winter Siege

Decline Bench
5 x 3 @ 170

Chinups 5 x 3

KB Clean + Press
15 + 15, and 1 + 10 @ 35lbs /hand

French Press 2 x 10 @ 40
Zottman Curls 2 x 10
MTS Low Row 2 x 10
Machine Laterals 2 x 12

Deload for Winter Siege

Front Squat 5 x 3 @ 195
DOH Paused DL 2 x 2 @ 295
Calf Raises 2 x 16

Deload for Winter Siege

Log Press 6 x 2 @ 117
Incline DB Bench 1 x 10 @ 35/hand
Strict Press x 3 @ 65, 75, 85
Pull ups 4 x 2

Well done on your comp man! And that yoke is awesome considering you’ve never done it prior

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Winter Siege
So I decided to join u/tophat_benny at Winter Siege in Dubuqe, Iowa. I was originally in a long off season, but between the cool events and wanting to compete a long side u/tophat_benny it was hard to pass up. I had 2 qualms about doing this, it’s smack dab in the middle of finals and the 3+ hour drive I would have to make alone. Well I was doing good enough in school that I could justify it and I decided 3+ hours really isn’t that terrible. Just needed to blare loud music and down caffeine to keep me going during the long drive.

I arrived the night before 15 minutes before early weigh ins would end. So I weighed in with a little bloat and some heavier clothing on, weighed in at 213. Weight classes were Novice, Lightweight and Heayweight. So even though I am normally middleweight, I was a lightweight for this competition. Didn’t sleep great due to a a pretty sketchy experience at my hotel, but I honestly didn’t feel too bad once things got rolling.

Events: Overhead Medley/Stone to Shoulder. Max Yoke for 25ft. Power Stairs. Beer Cart Load and Lift. Thor’s Hammerhold

Overhead Medley/Stone to shoulder 200lb Axel, 200lb Log, 165 Stone

True to form I failed the first implement of the Overhead event. Couldn’t even get the Axel to the front rack. Fuck! lol. Some day I won’t fail at Overhead events, today wasn’t someday. I did actually get to train with Log since late August, but it just wasn’t enough to push my pressing high enough. I am seeing some progress in Overhead stuff finally, so hopefully when I compete again in May or so I won’t zero.

Max Yoke for 25 ft Lightweight Men started at a minimum of 450 and we got 3 attempts. Minimum 50 lb jumps. No drops, no sliding. Having never done Yoke before today I opened at 450 to make sure I got on the board. Felt heavy but decent so I went to 500 and got that. I knew I had zero chance of winning this event to I just. Decided to say “Fuck it, 600!” Even though 500 had just been a pretty reasonable challenge. I was doing this 100% for me, since I don’t know the next time I touching a yoke again and I wanted to find my limit and push past it. Got it 12 ft 4 inches, my mind hadn’t given up but my body just wouldn’t continue trudging on. Just need to just stronger.

Power Stairs 160, 200, 240?, 280?

I don’t know the weights of the last 2 implement exactly so thats just some educated guesses. 3 steps each. My biceps hated this event. They flared up pretty bad during warmups for this event, but they held out the entire event. Cramped up pretty bad later though. Again I knew wasn’t winning, so I just wanted to make sure I finished the event. Cleared the event in 52 seconds, 8 seconds to spare. My competitors cleared it in sub 30 seconds.

Beer Cart Load and Lift. Load 4 kegs onto an apparatus then rep out deadlifting the apparatus. Kegs were 135, 200, 160, 240 in that order. Plus they added 50 lbs in plate weight to the barbell we were using as well. My goal was to load the kegs and try to get 2 or more reps. I went slow and steady on the kegs since I didn’t need a lot of time to do 2 reps, and I didn’t want to screw up. The first 3 kegs went up pretty easy. The 240 felt heavy but it seemed to go up alright. Ran up to the attached barbell and pulled and pulled on it. I could barely budge it. I was in disbelief that I could barely budge it. No reps at all. Didn’t zero since I loaded all the kegs, but no reps. I was a little dissapointed, but not angry. I felt a little better about my failure after seeing my 2 competitors who were clearly stronger than me struggle to get reps as well. 1 of them failed 3 times before getting his first rep, failed some more, got another rep, failed some more, got another rep. The other guy struggled quite a bit as well on the deadlift portion and got 2 reps. Really cool event. Glad I got to try it.

Thor’s Hammer Hold Hold 2 Hammers out at shoulder level for as long as possible. They were pretty strict about this event. You got 1 warning about lowering your arms and that was it, and they didn’t give you very much wiggle room. The weight was the same for all the classes, the difference was how we had to hold it. Novices could hold it underneath the head of the hammer, Lightweight Men had to hold it at the bottom of the handle, and heavyweight had to hold it upside down by the ball at the bottom of the handle. During warmups my biceps were crying when I got them into position. Told u/tophat_benny I would be happy to get 5 seconds with how my biceps were feeling. When gametime came though I flipped a switch, found a dark place in my head and hungout there for the event. It was excruciating. I lasted 42 seconds though, completely blowing my expectations out of the water. I came very close to getting second in this event. One of my competitors only lasted 2 seconds longer than I did.

Overall I came in last out of 3 people; so I walked away with a medal, some good memories and friendships. Still just need to bring my static strength up. Going to do a very short volume phase to give my joints a break, 3-4 weeks, and then go back to some heavier stuff to get stronger for my competitions next year.

The guys who ran this said they want to make this a yearly thing, so if that actually happens I will probably do this event again next year. It was really well ran, fun/unique events, and just overall a blast. Also plan on doing my next contest in May and then the Iowa games again in July. Going to get a lot stronger for next time and actually try to get some practice in with the implements more.

All the videos and pictures are consolidated into this instagram post. https://www.instagram.com/p/BrJAvuGAVMq/



Thanks, it was one of many reasons I wanted to do this competition. I wanted to set a baseline for what I could manage on the Yoke.

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Not competing again until May at the soonest, so time for some more volume work. Going to use a similar methodology to previous self written programs except that I am hitting something on the heavier side more often instead of just linearly progressing from a higher rep set scheme to a lower rep set scheme. So the plan is 3 weeks volume, 1 week heavy, 3 weeks volume, 1 week heavy etc…

Also swapping out Decline Bench for Incline.

Incline Bench (SS) Zottman Curls
1 x 1 @ 175 (SS) 7 x 12
6 x 10 @ 95

Chinups 5, 4, 3, 1

Kettlebell Clean + Press @ 40/hand, 10 x 2 + 5

French Press 2 x 10 @ 50, 2 x 10 @ 60
Hammer Strength Row 4 x 10
Laterals 100 Reps anyhow

  • Cable Lateral 1 x 12
  • DB Leaning 1 x 5 @ 35, 1 x 5 @ 40
  • Machine 3 x 26
    Single Leg Leg Curl 1 x 20
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Get that overhead Press volume in man

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Got 6 sets of 10 with Log on Thursday

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Is that 1x per week frequency? It’s a lot lol

Yeah 1 time per week on Log.