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Training to Unlock the Mythical BEAst_in_i: Phoenix

Looks like you’re gaining some muscle. Good job!

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Thanks, bulk seems to be going well.

Winter Siege

Log Press
@ 132, 1 x 2 (Strict)
@ 132, 3 x 2
@ 142, 1 x 1
@ 77, 1 x 14

Log Clean
2 x 1 @ 167

Pullups/Chinups 5 x 3

Double Banded Strict Press 5 x 3 @ 45
DB Incline Bench (Pause every rep)
@ 40 x 8
@ 45 x 8
@ 50 x 8
Finger Curl 3 x 20 @ 115
Zottman Curl: Some

Good feeling when human muscles are on the next anatomy and physiology test and I know all but 3 of the ones he is expecting us to know from my time learning about weight training as a hobby. Which are Orbicularis Oris, Orbicularis Oculi, and Thenar

What are you studying?

Currently going to through the Fitness and Sports Management transfer plan at my community college which is set up in conjunction with Iowa State University where I plan to get my bachelors in Exercise science.


DOH Deadlifts @ 335, 1 x 1. @ 360, 2 x 0
Deadlift @ 380, 4 x 3
Tuck Jumps: 18

First set of 380 was beltless just to see if I could. Not a PR I track I do know that it is indeed a PR.

Pause Front Squat @ 225, 6 x 2
Stepup EMOM @ 185, 10 x 3
Banded Leg Curls 2 x 15

Also been lifting for just a little over 3 years now, picture on the left was taken Christmas day 2015 after deadlifting for the first time. If you can believe it I am 24 in that picture. Was originally focused on cutting weight, started at 195ish lbs cut down to 183lbs have now been consistently weighing in around 206lbs lately.


Winter Siege Prep

Decline Bench
@ 210, 3 x 3
@ 205, 1 x 3

3 x 4 @ BW
1 x 2 @ BW
2 x 3 @ +10

Kettlebell Clean (SS) Kettlebell Clean
10 x 3 @ 60 (SS) 8 x 3 @ 55, 2 x 6 @ 20

The heavy-ish strict presses were getting kind of sketchy towards the end so I stopped using the 55s and switched to the 20s to be safe. 60s are the heaviest this gym has

French Press @ 90, 4 x 5
Hammer Strength Rows 4 x 10
Zottman Curls: Some

So I was feeling pretty beat by the end of this. The Kettlebell Cleans were leaving me feeling like hell after every set. Dropped the Squats after the third set and considering how I felt by the end of it, that was probably the right call. I was going to go straight home but even though the conditioning aspect of the kettlebells killed me, they moved great. I knew where to get my hands on heavier kettlebells and I knew I probably could clean a heavier set. I just had to do it once and I will be happy. Chugged a rockstar and drove to an anytime fitness just a little bit out of the way in another city.

Hit the 70lb pair of Kettlebells for a clean. Feels good since that was the weight of the kettlebells from the Iowa Games Overhead Medley that I could not clean for the life of me 2 years in a row and the whole reason I have been training it for the last several months. I resigned to training after it kicked my ass twice. So this was a nice personal victory. Couldn’t press it, but I know it will be there when I need it to be next year if it comes up again. Even if it doesn’t training with kettlebells has been a nice change from “normal” strength training and has been good accessory work for other Overhead Lifts. I did try the 80s but failed.

Played with the multi grip bench bar, not enough volume or weight to really matter but I wanted to try it out while I was there. Hit some extra ROM pushups and called it. Hands are pretty sore.

Winter Siege Prep

Front Squats @ 245, 4 x 3
Knee Jumps: 7

DOH Fat grip DL @ 185, 5 x 2
Trap Bar DL off mats @ 410 x 3, @ 315 x 5.

Seated Calf Raise 2 x 20
SlL leg curl 2 x 20

Also messed around with Kettlebell flips for a little fun.

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Dude you are getting strong af

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Thanks, really appreciate it. It’s been a really good training block.

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Winter Siege Prep

Log Press
4 x 2 @ 137
1 x 3 @ 117 (Strict)

Pullups 1 x 5
Lat Pulldowns 4 x 10

Banded Strict Press (Light band)
4 x 4 @ 85
1 x 3 @ 95

Finger Curl 3 x 12 @ 125
DB Incline Bench 2 x 5 @ 60, 1 x 8 @ 50
Tricep PD 2 x 12 @ 120

Zottman Curls Some
Laterals Some

Winter Siege Prep

DOH Deadlift 1 x 0 @ 360
So close, actually broke it off the ground but lost it above my knees.
Deadlift 4 x 3 @ 390
Tuck Jumps: A bunch
DOH Static Hold: @ 315 10 seconds

Pause Front Squat 7 x 1 @ 240
Stepup EMOM 10 x 3/side @ 185
Banded Leg Curl 2 x 17

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BEAst Grip strength

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Ha thanks. Feel like for where my static strength is at my grip strength is good. Gunning for that 405 (183.7) Double Overhand sometime next year.

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I’ll just keep hook gripping shit to hide my true grip strength. Everyone would be jealous of it anyway

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Hook grip is op. I should learn it since I could probably get away with using it on Hercules hold in the future

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I dunno dafuq that it lol but I’ve hook gripped a few different things.

From thinnest/easiest to thickest/hardest:

Deadlift bar - infinite grip strength
IPF spec bar (thicker) - bit less than infinite grip strength
Knockoff smooth thick-ish farmers handles at my previous gym got picks of it somewhere- infinite grip strength

Strongman Event. It was at one of my contest earlier this year, which hook grip was allowed. This wasn’t verified, just something that was understood by quite a few people, not including me.

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Seems real cheaty to me but might come in handy sometime if you learn it

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