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Training to Unlock the BEAst_in_i

Band Pullaparts 2 x 20
Tibia Raises 2 x 25
Hamstring Curls 2 x 17

Front Squats
3 x 4 @ 250

Used a squat bar. Thing is quite a unit. Biceps were cramping, high volume picking day at work 1,100 or so 10-25lb boxes. Had to zombify a few reps to alleviate the cramping. Getting close to my old 4 rep max.

2 x 4 @ 385

1st rep was double overhand no hook, then 3 mixed grip reps. Pretty excited about this, its week 5 of the block. Grip usually gets fucked off after 3 weeks. So to do 5lbs under my PR under fatigue creep is pretty beautiful . 2 set with straps to get the work in. Will never not hate mixed grip.

Lat pulldown
3 x 12 @ 155

Psuedo GHR
3 x 16 @ +25

Hanging Leg Raise
3 x 15


Side note: Going back through my old training logs (here and paper from pre-tnation) and looking for trends. So far it seems specifically for Deadlift that it responds well to a lot of single leg work and RDLs. Also grabbed some PRs to try and gauge how to try and use this information. Would eventually like to see if pushing up my top end strength on RDLs has significant relevance to an increase in Deadlift strength. My eccentric strength in Deadlifts has been good because of RDLs, maybe worth pursuing further. I have decent amount of data to support this.

Squats is another animal simply because of how I have historically handled my max effort singles and rep sets for it. With my current PR being in the same session as 205 x 29. A small trend I have noticed is that machine squat variants (hack squats, pendulum etc…) seem to have decent carryover. It seems to have positively influenced my Squat without being able to train it directly while coming back from gallbladder removal.If nothing else they maintained it. During the extended tension block I did hack squats as my main squat variant which seems to have currently ongoing positive benefits for my Front Squat. Nothing concrete on this one, but I think its worth pursuing further.

Still not really sure about upperbody stuff. Back just does its thing as long I train it. Pressing is a different animal all together. Made strides in Strict Pressing under Mason but I can’t concretely say why. I have three hypothesis; being that he made me work on the higher intensity ranges more often than I am comfortable with. Two being that I have consistently done some form of arm work for the last year which I was never good at. I very much would do a bunch for a while and then nothing. Which would result in tiny reps PRs. Three being I started using a belt and wraps way more frequently and treating Strict Pressing like how I do Deadlifts and Squats. Which is the most likely thing I feel like since the total improvement has been small but it has kept moving atleast little bit since making that change. Instead of just being stagnant for 3 years. I know I definitely need to work harder on my arms because THEY HAVEN"T FUCKING CHANGED.

That was long winded. Just trying to figure some stuff out so I am not just shooting from the hip no mo!


Yesterdays session.

Lat Pulldown 2 x 20
Band Pushdown 2 x 20

Strict Press
4 x 4 @ 120

Still pretty in my head about my strict press strength. I still sub consciously think my 1rm is 135. Even though its 150 and I definitely have more in me now.

Chest Supported Rows
3 x 10 @ 185

Weighted Dips 3 x 7 @ +30

Cable facepull 3 x 15 @ 80
Seated Hammer Curl 3 x 12 @ 25/
DB Skull Crushers 2 x 15, x16 @ 25/

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Hamstring Curl 2 x 20
Plank 2 x 30s

Grenade handle Pullups
3 x 4 @ +15

SSB Box Squats 16" Box
4 x 4 @ 300

First time squatting 300 in over a year. Decided to see how free squatting with a pause would feel.

SSB Pause Squats
2 x 1 @ 300

Both pretty easy. Probably RPE 5-6.

Belt Squat Split Squat
3 x 8 @ 2 x Micro Minis

Cambered Bar Good Mornings
3 x 7 @ 165

Leg Ext
2 x 15 @ 65

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