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Training to Unlock the BEAst-in-I


Iowa Games Prep

The work is done time to deload.

Warmed up with Deficits

Deadlift (SS) Tuck Jump
1 x 1 @ 355 (DOH)
1 x 1 @ 405
1 x 3 @ 415 (+10 lb PR)(188.2)

1.5" Deficit Deadlifts
1 x 10 @ 260 (9 DOH, 1 Mixed)
4 x 10 @ 260

Cambered Bar Squat
3 x 8 @ 225
1 x 8 @ 205
1 x 8 @ 185
1 x 10 @ 135

DB Romanian DL 3 x 15 @ 60
Ext Calf Raises 3 x 20


Iowa Games Prep - Deload

Bench Press (SS) Band Pullaparts
1 x 3 @ 175
2 x 7 @ 155

Chinups: 21 Total

Pause Strict Press
4 x 3 @ 95

Curls 2 x 20
Tricep PD 2 x 20


Iowa Games Prep - Deload

Front Squat (SS) Knee Jump
1 x 2 @ 205
2 x 8 @ 175

Pause Mid Shin Deadlift
3 x 3 @ 315

Single Leg Leg Press
1 x 15


Nice man


Thanks Duke, took everything I had plus some some.


Iowa Games Prep - Deload

Cable Reverse Fly 2 x 15
Cable Lateral 1 x 20
Cable Curl 1 x 20

Strict Press (SS) Band Pullaparts
x 1 @ 115

Z Press
2 x 8 @ 65

Pullups: 20 Total


This is my third ever strongman contest, and second time doing the Iowa Games Strongman. This is my write up from last years: https://www.reddit.com/r/Strongman/comments/6nv0j7/competition_write_up_iowa_games_strongman_contest/

I weighed in 6 lbs heavier than last year at 205 which bumped me up a weight class, but still used pretty much the same weight as the weight class below us minus the loading medley.

I trained pretty heavy leading up to the contest that I did 9 weeks ago, but I decided to get straight back to building after that instead of trying to eek out 8 more weeks of really heavy training. In my mind I was already preparing for contests of the future instead of this one specifically.

Instead of 4 events like last year we did 5 events. Farmers Carry, Truck Pull, Loading Medley, Overhead relay, and Tire flip.

Farmers Carry: 203 lbs/hand. 80ft down, 80 ft back. Last year I made it 35 ft, this year I made it 47ft. Again my grip wasn’t the issue it was my hip/glute and leg strength. I deadlifted 415lbs for a max effort triple a week ago and a heavily pre exhausted 405lb trap bar carry for like 20ft 2 weeks ago. So my static strength has improved but it wasn’t enough to give me more leeway with the implement. I came in 7th out 8th in this event. Not last! :slight_smile:

Loading Medley: 160/180/200/240 to not very high.
This was the surprise event. Had no idea it was coming, and I am happy to have done it. It rotated Sandbag/Keg/Sandbag/Keg. Never done a sandbag before so that’s what I was most worried about, lost time trying to figure it out but it worked out. IN warmups I just loaded the heaviest of my kegs to make sure I could it, and after doing it I knew I could finish it the Medley. Got last in this event but I finished in about 35 seconds.

Truck Pull: 11,000 lb Military Humvee, 100 ft course. The same make as the one from last year which I had moved 3 inches. This time I moved it 65 ft. This made me SUPER freaking happy, I let out a joyous roar afterwards. I made significant progress in this event and I got revenge on it for barely budging last year. Hoping that next year I will get the full 100ft.

Overhead Medley: 70/hand, 160, 160, 165
I zero’d this event. Kettlebells were up first again, I tried using u/atlasstoned 's method that he suggested on last year’s write up, but I couldn’t get myself underneath the kettlebells enough to Front Rack them properly during warm ups. Tried for a bit but never got it to work. Tried cleaning them to no avail. Even if I could have gotten them up there was no guarantee I could get them overhead. I am not mad I failed the event, but I am frustrated at my general lack of progress on Overhead stuff.

Tire Flip: 630lbs for max reps.

During warmups I couldn’t budge the dang thing, but when I game time came I was able to grind out my first flip. Failed the second rep about 3 times. I was frustrated, I REALLY wanted that second flip. I started beating my chest, got really amped up and just went berserk on it, barely eeking out the second tire flip before time ran out. I was so freaking happy about that second rep. I was talking to u/pluckymongoose before the event stating that “I want 1 rep, wait no I am gonna get 2.” I don’t know if I hadn’t dedicated to the idea of getting a second one if I would have found it on this day. I got it. This and the truck pull were my favorite moments of the day.

Saw some faces from last year, met new people like u/pluckymongoose We really hit it off talking a lot during the competition about training, and the events.

I am confident enough to say that next year I should be more competitive at this particular contest next year. Training has been going well lately and I feel like I am making strides in my static strength and athleticism. I need to figure out something for my overhead.


Good job on that competition man!! That humvee pull was awesome.


Thanks Duke, I am super happy with how that truck pull went. From “how that looks” factor; it rates pretty high on the badass scale.


Front Squats (SS) Knee Jumps
x 1 @ 245
x 0 @ 265
Guess I am more fatigued than I thought.

x 12 @ 185
x 14 @ 135

Fat Grip DL
x 1 @ 205

Pause Mid Shin Deadlifts
x 1 @ 405
x 0 @ 420

Calf Raises (SS) Glue Kickbacks 3 x 20
Hip Abduction Machine 3 x 20
Back Ext 3 x 20 @ +10