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Training to Unlock the BEAst-in-I


Shriner Strength 2018 Prep

Prep is over, time to deload and rest.

4 x 1 @ 405

Good gravy this was hard.

Front Squat
x 1 @ 260
x 1 @ 265 (15lb PR)

18" Deadlift
x 1 @ 455
x 0 @ 500
x 9 @ 405

Front Squat
2 x 10 @ 135

1 hr break

Natural Stone to Shoulder
8 x 1 @ 98lbs

Stone Extensions
1 x 3

Sled Stuff



Only going to train one more time this week to get in some more Overhead Pressing and a little Front Squatting, other than that nothing til competition day.
Pause Back Squat
x 1 @ 275
6 x 2 @ 255

Pause Bench
x 1 @ 205
2 x 10 @ 130

Pause @ Knee Deadlift
2 x 3 @ 315

Pause @ Eye Strict Press
3 x 3 @ 85


Don’t even stress man, That log is Evil!


I am more stressed about my general lack of progress on overhead stuff than the fact I am going to zero the event.



Strict Press
x 1 @ 125
x 2 @ 115
2 x 3 @ 95

Pause Front Squats (Beltless)
6 x 2 @ 175

@ Knee Rack Pull:
8 x 1 @ 365

2 x 2


Meet report

So this is my second strongman contest, but my first sanctioned one. I performed a little worse than I imagined but placed how I expected. I got last place in the middle weight division. I went to learn, gain experience, and meet people; not to win.

Events: Log Press 210lbs* Clean and Press Away

18"* Axle Deadlift

Keg Carry 70 ft for time

Hercules Hold for time

Atlas Stone Series

Log Press: I haven’t touched a log since my last competition because until recently I didn’t know of anywhere close with one. My Pressing Strength didn’t really improve that much, and I can’t jerk worth a crap either. So I knew going in that I couldn’t do the contest weight and got the zero I expected. The crappy thing is though for the other competitors that they misloaded it 18lbs heavy so 6 out of 8 middleweights zero’d the event. I really need to figure something out with overhead stuff.

18" Inch Axle Deadlift 500lbs for Reps I hit 470lbs in warmups but couldn’t get the 500lb when it counted. I might have had 500 in me and the 470 took it out of me, but it’s hard to say. I am little disappointed in 2 things, one the left tire was flat making the first pull harder and 2 we pulled from lower than 18". I know because I measured and figured it out months ago. Probably 15" or 16". I knew this was a stretch to hit but that change was a crusher. I made the decision to only pull from the floor for 99% of my prep “focusing on the long term” so I kinda screwed myself on this event too.

Keg Carry 225lbs 70ft no drops allowed One the SHWs gave me some advice on how to do this event. I went slow and steady and just focused on not dropping it. I tried to speed up in towards the end but I was kicking it out in front of me too much so I went back to slow and steady. Finished in 23 seconds which was last place for the event but I was just glad to finish and not zero. I trained for this with Zercher carries.

Hercules Hold 250lbs/hand So people were hook gripping this, but I didn’t because I thought it was against the rules. Held it for a little for 2 seconds. Happy considering how heavy it was. I just did DOH Deadlifts and Fat Grip DOH w/o chalk to train my grip, which I got up to 350 DOH DL before the end of my training cycle. I thought I would do better but all things considered I am not upset with the results.

Atlas Stone Series First time ever touching atlas stones. Brought my own wraps but had no tacky. One of the other competitors let me have some. That allowed me to get the 208lb stone but not the 240lber. Oh well Super glad to just get to do this event. It’s the one I have honestly wanted to do the most.

Static strength is still a major limiting factor for me and I have a general plan for how to attack that, but I also need more experience with implements. Which now that I am aware of some better options I plan on taking care of that

Got to meet a bunch of awesome and amazing people.

results https://www.instagram.com/p/BismDnxB9Uu/?taken-by=beast_in_i


Got in a light workout after eating and resting.

Strict Press Pin Press at Nose
x 6 @ 105
x 3 @ 115
x 10 @ 65

DOH Above the Knee Rack Pull
x 1 @ 360

DOH Deficit Deadlifts
3 x 3 @ 245

OH Tricep Ext 3 x 6
Ab Pushouts x 20 @ 100
Machine Crunches 2 x 20

My Captain of Crush Trainer lv Gripper came in today, was surprised to be able to close it easily several times.




Well done on going to that strongman competition man, now you can come back stronger for next time and you’ll just keep getting better and better.


Yep, and I got the Iowa Games in 9 weeks to round off my first 3 contests. I got to try what is to me the coolest event, Atlas Stones which was a big reason I really wanted to do this show.


Iowa Games Prep

Shriner Strength over, now to hurdle towards the Iowa Games.

Pause Bench Press (SS) Band Pullaparts
5 x 10 @ 130

Pause Strict Press @ Nose
6 x 3 @ 85

Cable Row
4 x 15

Tricep PD 5 x 20
Cable Laterals 2 x 20
DB Laterals (SS) Pinch Grip Hold: 3 Rounds


Iowa Games Prep

Treadmill mile 9 minutes 45 seconds
I have done faster before but I didn’t want to push it too hard too fast. I was more focused on controlling my breathing and just getting the mile in.

Above the Knee Rack Pull
x 2 @ 635

5 x 10 @ 275

DOH Static Hold
185lbs: 35 secs
135lbs: 40 secs

Hanging Leg Raises
Sets of 10

Ab pushout
3 x 20

Landmine Oblique Twist
3 x 20


Iowa Games Prep

Knee Jumps x 4
Interspersed in warmup sets

Warmed up supersetting Front and Back Squats. Stopped Front Squatting once I hit 225, then proceeded onto super heavy Back Squats.

Front Squat
x 1 @ 225

Back Squat
x 1 @ 335 (Pause) (20lb PR)
x 1 @ 340 (10lb PR)

I didn’t mean to pause 335, but I misgrooved the last quarter of the descent and got stuck in the bottom. I refused to let it get the better of me so I pushed through and got it up. I went for 340 knowing if I didn’t screw up again that I would get it. Well I did not screw up and it was really hard so I called it there. I had 350 in my head but I knew it wasn’t there on this day

Front Squat
5 x 10 @ 135

Bleh, Cardio. On set 4 rep 6 I fell forward onto my toes and stumbled a little. Luckily 135 is stupid light and easy to man handle so I was just stepped back into position and got after it to finish the set.

Pause off Floor Deadlift
4 x 3 @ 295
2 x 3 @ 285

I got some mass building stuff I still need to but I haven’t eaten yet, and my energy levels are just freaking sapped. Going back after I have eaten to knock it out.


Iowa Games Prep

Ate, and did the rest.

Split Squat
4 x 8

Hip Abduction Machine
3 x 20

Calf Press
5 x 20

1.5 Mile Walk


Iowa Games Prep
Glutes are still wrecked with soreness, probably from competing then immediately switching into a high volume phase.

Split Jerk (GS) Band Pullaparts (GS) Depth Jump
10 x 2 @ 115 (GS) 10 x 30 (GS) 8 x 2

Trying to get good at Jerks. The weight was light enough so I could focus on ingraining good technique habits. There are a lot of things wrong with my Jerk, but the big one is the terrible dip and drive. It’s closer to a Pause Quarter Squat and throwing a barbell overhead as a result instead of a clean dip, reverse, and jerk.

Fat Grip Z Press (SS) Chinups
5 x 10 @ 45 (SS) 5, 5, 5, 4, 1

Figured I would start light on the Z Presses, give me some room to grow into the program.

Cable Lateral Raises 2 x 20
Cable OH Ext 5 x 20
DB Laterals (SS) Pinch Grip Holds 3 Rounds


Iowa Games Prep

Shrugs (SS) Lat Pulldown
5 x 10 @ 295 (ss) 5 x 15

High Incline DB Press
5 x 10 @ 25

Decline Chest Fly
2 x 20

Hanging Leg Raises
Sets of 12

Ab Pushouts
3 x 20

Land Mine Oblique Twist
3 x 20

DOH Static Hold
190 lbs: 35 Secs
135lbs: 40 Secs


Good job man!


Thanks Duke!


Iowa Games Prep

1.5" Deficit Deadlifts (SS) Tuck Jumps
x 1 @ 365
x 0 @ 390
5 x 10 @ 225

I broke 390 off the floor but my hamstrings were telling me “No way man, don’t do it. We can grind this out but you’re gonna regret it” So I set it back down.

Cambered Bar Squats
x 10 @ 155
x 10 @ 160
x 10 @ 165

DB Romanian Deadlift (Toes Elevated)
3 x 12

Unilateral Calf Raises
2 x 10

Calf Raises
1 x 20


IOwa Games Prep

3 x 20 @ 315

Spent some time working on my Front Rack Position. Using the method from a video from Juggernaut Training Systems with Quinn Henoch, I was able to get into a better Front Rack.