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Training to Unlock the BEAst_in_i: Strength Games Prep

Beard is finely getting to a point that I like it. Takes a few months for it to fill in enough haha

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Strict Press session on tuesday was a mixed bag. Upperback issues keep flaring up. Hit my 125 3 x 3. Driven mostly by anxiety and frustration. Gonna be dialing back the rows quite a bit. We both came to the same conclusion w/o communicating, that it might be too stressful on my back and shoulders with everything else considered right now. Just trying to not fall apart right now. Not a fun headspace to be in.

Tonight was a slightly different story. Got to kind of feel like myself tonight. Amped up, and excited to train. Instead of just letting my anxiety eat me up I was able to just vibe with the music and cut loose. It’s definitely not healthy how much I rely on training to level myself out.

Y Raises 2 x 15
Tibia Raises 2 x 25
Hamstring Curls 2 x 15

Hack Squats
3 x 5 @ 275

Really slow ecc, long pause. Learning that for quad specific work I like this hack squat more than the one at the Strength Shop. and that for better direct carryover to barbell squatting the one I use at the strength shop is better because its more like how I actually squat minus the stabilization. I kind of want to see what I can do if I push it on the one at The Bar. I mean I can make this weight fun, because of mild masochism buuuuttt I really want to push it.

Axle Deadlift
x 1 @ 275 (DOH)
3 x 3 @ 375

The DOH flew, it literally just went straight up, None of the fight to make it count bullshit I was pulling last week to make 265 count. Grip is weird man. Needs some run up because it feels like shit for the first few weeks of a block, but simultaneously decays really quick with fatigue. So there is a weird wave in the middle of a block where it goes nuts and then just as quickly fucks off.

Hanging Leg Raises (GS) Ball Slams (GS) Sled Push
3 x 16 (GS) 3 x 16 (GS) 3 x 150 ft @ 25lbs

Hit a 170 Incline Bench for 3 on Saturday, just haven’t been home to type shit up. Pressing is progressing which is. Hopefully I have hold it together and score a point on an overhead event on October 2nd

Clock in, clock out workout. Was very mentally checked in, but nothing notable happened. Showed up and did the work to get better

Band Pullaparts 2 x 20

Slow Ecc Long Pause Hack Squat
3 x 6 @ 280

Slow Ecc BB RDL
3 x 8 @ 265

Ab Wheel
3 x 6

Endless Rope
3 x 45 sec @ “5”

Hamstring Curl
2 x 11 @ 110

Another punch the clock workout.

Nautilus Lat Pulldown 2 x 20
Tricep PD 2 x 20

Strict Press
3 x 1 @ 125
3 x 8 @ 95

Chest Supported Rows
x 10 @ 200/hand

2 x 10 @ +35

Facepull 3 x 20
DB Hammercurl 3 x 14 @ 25/hand
DB Skull Crusher 2 x 12, x 11 @ 30/hand