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Training to Unlock the BEAst_in_i: Road to 231

Main work from the last week or so
Box Squats 185 5 x 2
Incline Bench 185 2 x 1
Deadlifts 425 2 x 3
Strict Press 145 1 x 2
Box Squats 205 5 x 2

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Missed 430 on Deadlift today. Was supposed to be atleast 3 reps, but didn’t get anything. Frustrated to say the least. I know 3-5 reps is there. Hit 420 for 2 sets of 3 last week but between mediocre sleep and finishing the final aspects of the move I guess my body just couldn’t take it.

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Don’t sweat it mate we all have bad days. Just keep working hard and it will come soon.

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Finished deload just a little bit ago. Appears that I am going to run a 4-5 week peak.

Bodyweight at 207ish. Highest morning weigh in at least.

Baking some Christmas cookies right now. A little past midnight. I got the idea in my head to make some, since normal holiday festivities are off the books it seems so I am gonna learn how to make it myself

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I am Christmas binging right now. Started before Halloween. Not even apologetic about it: this year sucks and we need a W wherever we can get it. Get yourself some Christmas Crunch for post workout carbs!

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Never been a big Christmas person, but now that I won’t be able to do my normal Christmas thing (or Thanksgiving) there is definitely a void there. It’s the one time of year I am guaranteed to see certain family members, so that sucks. Covid can fuck off. Although 2020 had its good moments, it just needs to end at this point.

Me learning to bake and cook while being melancholy during the holidays might actually make me fat haha

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You might consider taking on the challenge of finding out how to now “hack” the food to make it less lethal. I’ve been having a blast with that game. Figuring out which sweeteners can replace sugar, looking at fat free alternatives or one’s that swap saturated fats for monounsaturated fats, places you can shave off calories, etc.

I wrote about it in my log, but my wife made me a pumpkin cheesecake for my birthday that used Omega 3 cage free/organic eggs, fat free cream cheese, low fat graham cracker crust, monkfruit sweetener instead of sugar, and grassfed butter. It’s about as guilt free as a cheesecake can get.

I don’t know how close you are to Nebraska, but if you make your way out this way sometime hit me up. We can get some camaraderie in over a meal or something. And for THAT one we’ll just eat garbage and keep all the healthy stuff for home, haha.

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Definitely gonna atleast try some alternatives. Saving that as a reference for later.

I am about 2-3 hours from Omaha. Will definitely take you up on that sometime. Sounds like a good time.

Finished the cookies and decorating them. made some fun custom shapes from Magic the Gathering, D & D, and Anime. As well as some good ol fashioned christmas trees.
Cookies turned out a bit dry but not terrible for a first try just following a recipe I found online.


Band Pullaparts 4 x 20
Tibia Raises 4 x 20
Forward Sled Drag 10 minutes straight w/45lbs

Spanish Squats 2 x 8 @ 100

Deadlifts 6 x 1 @ 385

Belt fit is in a bad place right now. The fit I have been using now crushes my torso, putting me in a bad position and fucking hurts to fasten. Going a spot up is too loose and might as well be beltless. Ended up doing some of this beltless so that it didn’t feel like ass.

Weighted Chinups 3 x 5 @ +11

Hanging Leg Raises 2 x 10
Suitcase Carries 3 x 50’ @ 62

Also making more Christmas cookies tonight. Slightly different recipe hope they don’t turn out as dry as the last ones.


Morning weigh in: 208.5

Cable Facepulls 3 x 20
Db hammercurls 3 x 20
Band Dislocations 3 x 10

Strict Press
10 x 1 @ 125

Feeling good about how these moved.

DB Incline Bench
3 x 6 @ 65/hand

NG Row
2 x 11 @ 170

Band Tricep PD 1 x 42
Rolling Ext 2 x 11 @ 30/hand
Rear Delt Flyes 2 x 17


Hamstring Curl 3 x 20
Side Plank 3 x 15 sec/side
3 Way calf Raise 3 x 6

Box Squats
8 x 2 @ 205

Felt comfortable ramping up on the intentional acceleration of the bar. Good sign I feel like.

Contralateral Split Squat
2 x 6 @ 60

Weighted Plank
5 x 13 sec @ +25

Pause Leg Ext (2 sec pause at the top)
2 x 20 @ 70


What ??? Or should I say que!!

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Also morning weigh in at 210.8 First time back over 210 in quite a while. Pretty close to my heaviest ever.

Porque no los dos?

Because 1 is always enough :wink:

*mexican celebrations cease abruptly


The competition I was looking at in March filled up in my weight class, gonna keep an eye out for a slot to open up. Otherwise just gonna pass now and keep building up the base. I am in no rush to return to competition at this point. I definitely want to compete again, but I don’t mind waiting so I can spend time building up

Last 3 days
Lat Pulldown 3 x 20
DB Press 3 x 20 @ 15
Band Pushdown 3 x 20

NG Incline Bench 8 x 2 @ 155
WG Row 3 x 9 @ 180
Dips 3 x 12
Rear Delt Flyes 3 x 17
DB OHP 3 x 7 @ 35/hand

Had a little scare after the rows, but it turned out to be nothing.


Band Pullapart 3 x 20
Tibia Raises 3 x 20
Forward Sled Drags 10 Minutes

Spanish Squats 2 x 9 @ 100
Deadlifts 10 x 1 @ 385
Chinup 3 x 4 @ +15
KB Suitcase 3 x 50’ @ 62
Hanging Leg Raises 2 x 10

Deadlifts felt better this week. Get to add weight next week, still focused on singles and doubles for the next few weeks.


Cable facepull 3 x 20
DB Hammer Curls 3 x 20
Band Dislocations 3 x 10

Strict Press 12 x 1 @ 125
DB Incline 2 x 7 @ 65
Ng Row x 13 @ 160
Band Tricep PD x 34
Rolling Ext 2 x 11 @ 30
DB Reverse Fly 2 x 17 @ 30

Strict Press was really smooth for the most part. Set 8 got out a little in front and had to fight it a bit. The average rep quality felt high, especially for my strict press, which traditionally deteriorates at higher % work.


Hamstring Curl 3 x 20
Side Plank 3 x 15s
3 Way Calf Raise 3 x 6

Neutral Grip Pullup 2 x 6 @ +10
SSB Band Box Squats 7 x 2 @ 225 + bands
Contralateral Split Squat 2 x 6 @ 65
Weighted Plank 5 x 13 sec
Paused Leg Ext 2 x 20

Using bands definitely stopped the bar hopping off my back. Gonna make the box smaller next time. Balance was a bit off in the split squats. Getting a hankering to do a workout that hard for sake of hard. Really want to do another limit breaker type thing, not quite Lunge Mile Tier but something that will push my body and mind. Considering that someone is doing my programming for me I can’t just do it whenever, but I am gonna try to get his okay to do something… after this peak is over.


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