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Training to Unlock the BEAst-in-I: Building the BEAst

Cheap as. To be fair I’d be buying something like a power bar or something so might set me back a bit more

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Yeah Axles run cheaper because honestly its just fancy schedule 80 pipe with rings welded on for collars. Regular barbells are well manufactured pieces of lifting equipment. I was looking at barbells too but they run minimum $150 for a used one. Rogue’s boneyard ones start at $175. Not a priority right now to get one though.

The generic Australian made brand barbells are decent in most of the gyms I’ve been to. Also nice if the gym has a deadlift bar but anyways I think while I’m going to someone else’s gym it’s not worth to buy your own barbells.

Maybe if I ever get a home gym I’ll have a half decent power bar to start things off because it’s used for everything. I don’t mind paying a couple of hundred for something that’ll last pretty much forever.

We have some straight garbage barbells at the gyms I go to. Luckily some of them got Ohio Power Bars late last year, early this year. Run into some Pendlay bars and Ivanko bars once in a while though. Now my biggest want is a Log though.

Once I have the space I plan to do a home gym, but thats a few years off

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Deadlift bar? My favourite but would be the second thing purchased

Never used one, so it would be a little ways down my personal list.

Rack (Probably a convertable yoke.)
All arounder bar
Farmer’s Handles
Stone Mold
Deadlift Bar

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This is starting from scratch and not counting like a space for the gym or floor mats or something? This is fun thinking but I find it hard to order things. Maybe dis

Full Squat Rack + Initial Attachments
Stiff bar
Adjustable Bench
Deadlift Bar

Adjustable DBs
Monolift Rack Attachment
Dip Attachment
Cable Attachment/Machine
Back Raise/GHR
Deadlift jack
Collars (lol don’t even need these)
(Already got an exercise bike)

A fancy customisable rack would be cool so I can stick all kinds of stuff on it.

Need to hit up that Eleiko dealer too who said he could put me on a long term payment plan which doesn’t work out to too much per week.

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I kind of forgot about bench, shows my priorities lol. I would need an adjustable as well because of Incline. I would also need something akin to plyo boxes. Personal thing I would also like a bunch of Kettlebells, fun training tool that I wouldn’t want to lose access to. If they weren’t so god damn expensive I would like competition KBs just so the levers of the lifts don’t change each week. I would also like some other specialty bars like SSB or Cambered but that would fall really far down the list.

I got one of those deadlift wedge things that fits in your gym bag, life saver. Don’t even need a full deadlift jack.

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Monsters of the Mississippi Prep

Really shitty session, failed reps, almost tore up my shit, and shit myself twice.

Axle Deadlift
x 1 @ 400

2 x 2 @ 415
x 1 @ 415

So the first set of 415, I lost my footing and danced with it. Second set I full on shit myself still got both reps. Third set I full on shit myself again, I could have gotten the second rep but shitting myself again took me out of it. Had to go home and change.

x 3 @ 295

Pause Front Squat
x 3 @ 245 (+2 rep PR)
3 x 5 @ 155

Fitness Bag Ext
3 x 4 @ 300

Started warming up for the Duck Walk and I just decided to can the session.

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Bruh lol

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Monsters on the Mississippi Prep

Log Press
4 x 4 @ 132
3 x 3 @ 117 (Pause)

Felt garbage

Incline DB Bench Press (SS) Chinups
x 5 @ 70/hand (SS) 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, (7)
3 x 10 @ 50/hand

Last set was with a band under my feet.

Incline Tricep Ext (SS) Zottman Curl
6 x 10 @ 80

Lateral Raises (SS) Band Facepulls
3 x 25 (SS) 3 x 25

Monsters of the Mississippi Prep

Front Squat (SS) Knee Jump
4 x 4 @ 235 (SS) 10 @ BW

DOH Fat Grip DL
2 x 1 @ 215
2 x 6 @ 165

Deficit Deadlift
3 x 4 @ 345

2 x 2 @ 245
x 6 @ 245

Leg Press 2 x 20
Single Leg RDL 1 x 12 @ 45
Back Ext 2 x 10 @ 70

Did the single leg RDLs while waiting for the back ext to open up and then just didn’t do as many reps on it to compensate.

Incline Bench (SS) Gymnastics Rings Pullups
4 x 4 @ 150 (SS) 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 4

KB Full Clean + Hang Clean + Strict Press
10 x 2 + 1 + 10 @ 45/hand

Really happy with how this turned out. With the progression I had planned I wouldnt have done this for 5 more weeks.

Cable Rows 4 x 11
French Press x 6 @ 100
@ 30 x 12
@ 20 x 19
@ 15 x 30
Zottman Curls 4 x 15
Laterals (ss) Rear Delts 3 x 30

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Monsters of the MIssippi Prep

x 0 @ 450
x 5.8 @ 405

Moved the 450 go up a week in a misguided attempt to save time tonight. Missed the last rep of 405 at lockout. Not happy at all.

Pause Front Squat
x 2 @ 255
x 1 @ 275
3 x 2 @ 185

Pretty happy with this.

Fitness Bag Ext
3 x 5 @ 320

Not going any higher on this, its getting really difficult to set up. Its gotten to point that setting this up is harder than the lift itself.

Duck Walk
@ 263 x 1
@ 273 x .8

Over contest weight

Arm Over Arm Sled Push
2 x 2 @ 135

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Monsters of the Mississippi
Went through landing mechanics in the Advanced Strength and Conditioning class today, feel like we did enough that it could impact recovery, so I am notating it just in case.

Log Push Press
4 x 3 @ 137
3 x 3 @ 117 (Pause)

Incline DB Bench (SS) Chinups
x 3 @ 75/hand (SS) 7, 7, 6 (Light band)
3 x 8 @ 55/hand (SS) 3, 3, 1 (BW)

Incline Tricep Ext (SS) Zottman Curls
3 x 6 @ 85 (SS) 4 x 15
2 x 13

Laterals (SS) Band Pullaparts
3 x 32

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I’m a fat pig so my landing mechanics involve my knees exploding

I did fine for the most part until we got to single leg stuff, then it got a little janky. Especially trying to one legged hop over a kettebell.

Updated weight chart for competition since they had to fiddle with the weight classes. I am in the middleweight category. I feel good about everything minus the Overhead Medley.


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Monsters of the MIssissippi Prep

Front Squat (SS) Knee Jump
4 x 4 @ 240 (SS) 9 @ BW

DOH Fat Grip DL
x 1 @ 205
x 0 @ 230
2 x 6 @ 160

Deficit Deadlift
3 x 5 @ 315

x 10 @ 250

Leg Press 2 x 20
Back Ext 2 x 11 @ 135