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Training to Unlock the BEAst-in-I: Building the BEAst

I mean I agree it is cheaty and I value grip strength, but I want to do what it takes to win. Strongman is definitely a sport for people who like to bend the rules as much as possible.

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But no sumo though

Its actually not on the rule book, its an understood thing, but if they don’t say sumo isn’t allowed…

@guineapig dejavu


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Too sumo for me.

Correction not enough

Yoga deadlift?

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Name trademarked


Winter Siege Prep

Decline Bench
x 1 @ 240
x 8 @ 185
x 10 @ 135

First rep of 240 was pretty easy, so I went for 2nd rep since I had a spotter. Failed. Not even mad, pretty happy actually.

Pullups/Chinups 5, 3 ,4 3, 3, 3

KB Clean + Strict Press @ 45/hand, 10 x 4 + 5
KB SA OH ext @ 30, 4 x 10

Wanted to try try something out for my next training block so I left Fitness World and and went to the Anytime Fitness that is basically right next door and set up Arm over Arm Pulls with the prowler sled they have. Worked up 1 plate at a time on it hitting 360lbs in Plate weight, don’t know how much the sleds weighs assuming about 30-40lbs. Each Round was 1 Arm over Arm Pull and 1 Sled Push back to starting position.
Top set: 360-400lb range, 1 round
Drop set: 180 - 220lb range, 2 rounds

This gym doesn’t have very many 45s, I was using all but 4 of 45s in the game between sled weight and 2 as anchors for my feet.

2 sets of Lateral Raises and Zottman Curls to round off a fairly easy workout.

Winter Siege Prep

Relevant meme. Training a day late, I drank heavily on Monday night with some friends. I know from previous experience I am very injury prone the day after heavy drinking, so not wanting to take the risk I pushed back this session to today.

Front Squat @ 255, 4 x 2
Knee Jumps: 9

Trap Bar DL
@ 405; 1 x 1 (No supportive equipment or straps/hook)
@ 425; 1 x 3

DOH Fat Grip DL
@190; 4 x 2
@ 200; 1 x 3

Single Leg Leg Curl 2 x 10
Standing Calf Raises 2 x 15

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Fat grips jesus.

I was thinking that I might double overhand for lols just to see where it’s at. Stiff bar might be 150. Deadlift bar might be a bit more.

I’ve seen vids of Malnichev and Sarychev double overhanding 200kg + on the axle

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Yeah, I am pretty happy with how that’s progressing at the moment. I think most I have done is 205 or 210 lbs for 1 sometime earlier this year. So a weight PR is definitely in the tank for that one. Have had to be super patient with it but its starting to pay off. Doing a little bit each week after Squats has paid off.

Terry Hollands, before he cut a bunch of weight, did 240kg on Axle. Which just seems ungodly levels of grip strength.

He had more in the tank lol

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Winter Siege Prep.

Log Press
@ 142, 3 x 2, 1 x 3
@ 117, 1 x 4 (Strict)

Felt strong minus not being able to breath under the log.

Pullups/Chinups 2 x 4
Lat Pulldown 2 x 8 @ 140

Light Band Banded Strict Press
@ 85, 2 x 4
@ 65, 2 x 5

Finger Curls 3 x 12 @ 135
DB Incline Bench Press 2 x 4 @ 60/hand, 1 x 10 @ 40/hand
Zottman Curls: Some
Laterals: 2 x 10
Tricep PD: 2 x 15 @ 130

He was losing it in his left hand before finishing the lift. He might have had a little bit more in him but not a lot.

How does log feel vs barbell Overhead Press?

Log feels harder. Its really hard to breathe in the Front Rack with a log. It feels like its crushing me no matter the weight. Its also less stable than a barbell. All that said I like training with it.

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It’s fucking bad ass. Maybe if I happen by one one day I’ll beat ur PR lol (maybe I dunno what numbers you’ve hit)

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Like 142 lbs (64.4) x 3 is my PR right now. Overhead continues to be a weakness of mine but at least its finally moving.

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