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Training to Run 88 Flights of Stairs


I am not sure if this is the right place to post this...

I have just signed up to run the Eureka stair climb in Melbourne, Australia.

I dont have access to a lot of stairs except for at the weekend. I am wondering what would be a good replacement? The stair climber in the gym? What about jumping up and down off a box at home?

I am currently 3 weeks into the Starting Strength program so Im hoping all those aquats will help me out too!

Any help appreciated. Cheers.


I would practice on the stairmaster/stepmill machine at the gym during the week and then run some stairs on saturday or sunday. You could also make sure that you're working in step ups into your routine. That should help as well.

good luck


Please not, NOT the stairstepper but the SRAIRMILL... this is the moving staircase.


Do you like near hills or mountains? Run up hills or trail up a moutains. A hike with an elevation gain of 800-1000 ft should do the trick.


I dont think we have a stairmill in the gym, just the stair stepper and to be honest I hate that machine!

I dont have any mountains or hills easily accessible during the week but ill make sure to get out there every weekend. Its winter here at the moment so the days are short but coming up to november the days will be longer and I should be able to get out there during the week too.

Cheers folks.