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Training to Maintain Strength, Work on Speed?


Hey guys,

I'm a college athlete (soccer) looking to take my game to the next level. I've always been driven in the weight room and on the practice field to give the best my body can offer. After 3 years of committed training, I've managed to add 15 lbs. to my LBM. I'm flat-lined at 180 lbs.

Last training block (16 weeks ago to now) I stuck to Dave Sheiko's strength through volume program. I put over 50 lbs. on my 1RM squat/bench/dead, while going from sub 6% body fat to around 10% currently. I competed in my first powerlifting comp. as a result, and had a hell of a time!

My purpose in the gym now is to get back down to 6% or below, working on speed/explosion, while maintaining as much strength as possible. I saw this as a great opportunity to use Biotest supplements to reach my goals.

I've taken the step in purchasing I3G, MicroPA, 2x Plazma, and MAG-10. I know how to read, so I get how to prepare doses/when to consume them. I guess my only concern is: when getting down to 5-6% naturally, muscle/strength seem to suffer. Because I am a soccer player, sprinting and endurance are a must in order to be deemed fit to play.

What training cycles/splits would you recommend to maintain strength, while working on speed/explosion?

Thanks for your time, and your mind. It's always appreciated.



Are you actually having your BF % tested? 5-6% is very low and almost seems unhealthy to me. If your main focus is soccer but you want to still maintain your strength just eat at maintenance and still lift hard but dont let it afflict your endurance.


How tall are you? is the 180 lbs LBM or total body weight?


With Plazma alone you will maintain and then some, with all those supps together you shoud be able to train yourself into the ground and come back stronger