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Training to lower my blood pressure


I just got back from donating blood, and during the screening session, my blood pressure came up a bit high--not in the dangerous level yet, but uncomfortably close. Oddly enough, my pulse was pretty good (about 60 bpm).'

This isn't the first high blood pressure reading I've had lately. As you might expect, I'm concerned and want to do something about it.

How can I train to bring my blood pressure down to healthy levels as quickly as possible? If I can, I'd rather avoid long, boring cardio sessions.


what is your diet like?


I did three things that helped lower my blood pressure. I started doing more cardio. About 45 minutes 5 to 6 days a week. Second was to lower my bodyfat. Third was to up the amount of potassium I consumed daily. That seemed to do the trick.


What was your BP? You can buy a cuff at a medical supply store and take your BP at home. The reason why is because some people get "white coat" hypertension, ie their BP goes up when they're nervous about going to the doctor. Not saying this is definitely the case, but it's possible. Either way, it would help you keep track of your pressures.


Iron Maiden: for the most part, my diet is along the lines of t-dawg 2. But this past week, I've been off due to being really busy at work. My salt intake is pretty low, so it's probably not a high-sodium issue.

tlmorisson: I knew that one of the first things I'd hear would be "drop your bodyfat". I've been working on that for a while, and it's going slowly, but it's going.

As far as the cardio...I'm going to see if anyone has other suggestions, and if not, I'll start it up.

Potassium's an interesting idea. I'll look into it.

Scrub: Yeah, I've heard of white coat syndrome. The home monitor isn't a bad idea. Any particular place I should look, or should I just google on "medical supply stores"?