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Training to Lose Fat and Do BJJ

In a nutshell, at the end of the year I want to start taking BJJ lessons and want to drop some weight so I dont embarrass my self when I go out there. Right now im sitting at 5’9 250, gained alot of weight while rehabbing my Achilles for the last year from tearing it. I have been cleared to lift and do whatever I want though now and in the past have followed Chad Waterbury’s programs very closely but due to intense cardio or just never really pushing my self didnt see the results I had hoped but have always liked his programs.

I was wondering if following Chad’s programs again would be a good start in losing the spare tire around the midsection or perhaps theres a better program that would better suit what I want to gain out of my workouts. I now know how hard I have to push my self to see results and am willing to try anything.

Start taking BJJ now. The weight will come off, trust me.

[quote]esk221 wrote:
Start taking BJJ now. The weight will come off, trust me. [/quote]

+1. Not only is BJJ more fun than most other forms of exercise, but the club members and instructor will push you harder than you can push yourself. BJJ clubs tend to be like a family, so that extra motivation from your club members will make a difference in your fat loss goals.

X3 on Start now.
Practice it 3+ times a week and the weight will fall off.
As long as you bring some intensity to your training no one will give a damn about what shape you’re in.

what kind of lifts should I do to support it? Still would like to get some weights in while attending the classes.

Thanks for the advice, actually talking to one of the owners today about attending a class.

Definitely, it’s a great form of low impact, high intensity exercise!

Also you’ll find your game will change as you change. I started at around 110kg and used my weight and strength a lot and I wasn’t very nimble. When I approached 90kg and very lean I was much more nimble and quick but still very strong, however I didn’t have that weight I’d relied on to keep people down. it took a while to change and get used to things.

Definitely get into it now and enjoy an exercise that is also making you lose weight :slight_smile:

I think a total body or upper/lower split will work best if you are going to be training bjj 3x/week or more. Deads, squats, rows, presses, cleans, pullups, dips, grip work are good places to start. See if your gym has a machine with an adjustable counterweight that will make pullups and dips feasible.

You might want to add some running, because the better your cardio is the more you will be able to participate in class. good luck in training!

times 4 on the starting now. when i started BJJ i was 132kgs. im not talking about a hard muscular 132 im talking a sloppy lardy 132.

the cradio kick you will get from having a roll is amazing and your alot more likely to put in properly when a guy has his balls in your face and is about to twist you into a knot.

good luck with whatever you choose to do.