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First workout in my new log.
Started new cycle of anadrol today, so lets hope it goes well.

Kbell bent over row 2x32kg 10x10
kbell 1 arm row 32kg 10x10
4 tube resistance bands Curls 10x10

Adding pull ups on the next back day next time I do it, usually do 10x10 on pull ups too
Bench and shoulder day tomorrow.

Bodyweight 75kg


Bench press 100kg 10x5
Dumbbell bench press 30kg 10x10
Military press 50kg 5x10
1 arm Dumbbell tricep extension 10kg 5x10

Goal for next weeek is 10x10 on all 4 exercises.
Some bench/days i will do military press with kettlebells, some with barbells, depends if I am working out at home with kettlebells or at my friends gym. Depends when I can get to the gym


ATG Back squat 105kg 5x5

Low volume squat workout as I am doing this 3 times a week.
Im only increasing 2.5kg a week (so its 105kg 5x5 mon weds fri this week) until I get back to where I was last year (150kg 5x5) so that I dont plateu. Im in no rush, I just want to take it slow.

Just slowly increasing weights, playing around with the exercises and seeing what fits well where.