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Training to Gain Size, Need New Effective Program

hello, Im trying to gain size, specifically in the biceps and lower body area I already tried the 5,3,1 program but wanting somethings different. I’m 20 years old and weigh 170 lbs at a height of 5.9. A program that is routinely and simple will the best. any questions or answers will be greatly appreciated

Cue 17 “deep water” responses


Wait…you want to gain as much size as possible? AND you want a simple program?! Sorry, but your desires may be way too nuanced for this particular forum.


Simple Guaranteed Size and Strength by Christian Thibasomething

What’s your training history and body composition like?
If you can squat 400lb and see abs at 170lb the advice will be different fo a guy that squats 150lb and cant touch their toes.

My general advice for bigger arms is pull ups. Always pull ups. Until you an smash a set 10/15 (at 170lb any way. A 230lb fat boy like me is a bit different) you dont need some fancy programme or curls. Just more pull ups.

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The most effective simple programs I’ve ever run for muscular size are the following

Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program

5/3/1 Building the Monolith

5/3/1 BBB

Super Squats

Any of those should do the trick, when paired with adequate nutrition.

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Just run through Tnation programs anything by Dan John, Waterbury, Thib etc
this a good start…

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