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Training to Failure

I think that failure training is much more effective, and less detrimental, when the load is low. . Failure training with large loads, on the other hand, shouldn’t be do for the majority of your microcycle. It’s very demanding for CSN and draining.

Is good more for hypertrofy and not for limit strength.

That you say some?

Sorry to ask a stupid question, but…

Can you describe what “Training to Failure” is. I struggle to complete the last rep of many sets. That’s not Training to Failure is it? Does it mean that a spotter helps you finish the rep? If so, I never do it because I train in my basement, without a spotter.

Thanks in advance for your answer, this one has been bugging me for a while.

“Training to Failure” =to complete the last rep of many sets

The HIT definition of training to failure is when you cannot possibly move the weight any more, and still try for 10 to 15 seconds.

The biggest problem with HIT is that few people can really do it. You have to get through some psychological blocks because you can actually fool yourself into believing you cannot move the weight when you actually can.