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Training to Bring Your Resting Heart Rate Down


I consider myself a reasonably fit person, but alas, like many around these parts, I've never been much one for cardiovascular fitness, and my resting heartrate is something like 75 BPM, despite excellent blood pressure.

I take this as a sign that my heart is generally weak and needs to be beefed up. What exercise would you recommend in that regard?


You have any larger hills or mountains around where you live?


So hill sprints are the best way?


I prefer tempo training over sprints for cardio, although I do both. Usually I run up a 287 m mountain and try to beat my time the days im feeling good. Did only HIIT for a long time but my heartrate was still in the 60s. Now after afew months of abit longer duration cardio Ive gotten my heartrate down in the 40s

I believe Sprints are good, but for purely aerobic benefit Id say you need abit longer duration workouts. You dont really start to tap into the aerobic energy system until after 4 minutes of work. the HIIT is great for lactate threshold training but personally I feel one needs different kind of work as well if one wants to have great cardio.


Unfortunately I don't live near any mountains.

How long do you average during your runs?


Ok, well tempo training can be done on flat slope as well, just gotta run faster to get the heartrate up obviously.

I average 15-17 minutes when I run. My best time up that mountain is 14.09 which I havent come close to lately as its winter here.


lots of distance work :wink: 5-10 miles daily got my RHR down to 39 "PR" and low 40's on avg every day.. no other style of training has ever gotten it that low (sprints, intervals, lifting, whatever).



Yeah, probably need to get it done for the health benefits, despite the negative impact it has on mass building.


Go to elitefts type in cardiac work under Mark Mclaughlin and bam you'll be good to go.


39 Jesus dude that is fucking low, was this b4 or during your vertical jump training. How did it effect your jumping ability?


I agree with this too from experience. Regular 40 minute bike rides got my RHR much lower than the hill sprints and tabata intervals (on spinning bike) I'm doing now have.


I was only able to find these two articles on EliteFTS's site for that author:




lol sup

3+ years ago it was 44 at it's lowest (measured at a cardiac rehab lab every day, because they had one in the facility i did my second internship at), i had been doing daily road work/bag work/shadow boxing/boxing stuff during that period.. then i did all that vert stuff, it went back up to around 60 because i let myself "get out of shape" even though I was getting stronger/getting my vert up.

the 39 came around 6 months ago when getting back into shape for vert training, i had been doing tons of distance work on a pretty low calorie diet.. right now, it's around 48 or so, i still try to keep my fitness up but i just use long walking 6-8 miles with interval sprints mixed in etc.. so it's at least keeping it below 50 which i'm happy about.

peace man!